Patch 5.3 Alpha

  • Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.

    What has changed?

    [Bugfix] Fixed problems related to volcano debuff and oils (if you find more you can report them).

    [Bugfix] Added buff of remaining attempts for protection amulets.

    [Bugfix] Fixed bug related to SP6 spy poisons.

    [Bugfix] Now when reflecting a skill, you will also see the effect when bouncing.

    [Bugfix] We fixed the Runes time. It will not be infinite anymore.

    [Change - Arena of Talents (AOT)] From now on they will be on Channel 3.

    [Change - Glacernon Quality Boxes] From now on, the Glace raids Boxes' will not come out below rarify 4 (Excellent).

    [Change - Improved Ross Hisrant Raid] The Ross Hisrant Raid has been modified and now there will only be two rooms, the miniboss Mukrajuwill appear to face her now in the first room after making the first objectives.

    [New - Training] Training monsters have appeared in "Sunny Meadows" to improve our skills and get wood.

    [New - Legendary Hunter] Added the NPC in Port Alveus that will allow you to carry out some missions to complete high level raids in exchange for experience and items of volcano manufacture.

    [New - WorldBosses] Huge and strong monsters will appear randomly by general maps, which you can fight by entering through a space-time portal. Prepare, because hard battles come constant. More information in the following post.

    [N..ew.... - S ...hh$..#aaa#...o''¡¡-.-.1wwww0'¨*s2] From now you can get .ñ,12l1ñp y0oier n.eqs,, sp`p12`0list!!!¡¿?¿.




    We'll see you soon Eastmile players.
    In your worst nightmares.

    Your Eas---¡?¿¿¿?!!*^´+---666DH999-----.-.-.12§§§§♣♣♣○612¨*


  • History

    Our world is again in danger, we did not have enough with the awakening of the volcano that a new threat looms over Eastmile, we still do not know what its origin is but those that once were zones to past our skills exclusively today have been transformed into unstable portals Space-time.

    In different places of Eastmile are opening portals to other areas with fearsome enemies that we already know, we have no idea why, or when or where they can open, what we do know is that if something has taught us the story is that if not we fight this can go further, but it can be very dangerous to enter these unstable portals, only the strongest warriors will dare to cross the portal and face the enemies that await them beyond.

    How the WorldBoss system works

    These portals open in random areas and also at unexpected moments exclusively on channel 1, you have to defeat the bosses that are inside. Once it reaches half life the portal closes and no one else can enter, and by getting it defeated it will give you a reward and the space-time zone will be closed sending all the players inside and outside the game. The only way to revive within these areas is with reputation.

    But these portals do not remain open forever, approximately after 20 minutes if the boss has not died the portal will also be completely closed and if there is a player inside it will be expelled out.

    Note: In the only maps that can appear the portals are in large general maps such as Nosville, Port Alveus, Nosville Meadows, Sunny Meadows, Mine Plains, Western Krem, Eastern Krem, Peak of Mt. Krem, Maple Woods and Fir Forest . Therefore in other closed maps such as the temple and the caves will not appear.