Maintenance 22/12/2018

  • Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.

    What has changed?

    [Bugfix] Daily chest. From now on you will receive it every 24 hours, it will not reset at 00:00.

    [Change - LoD] We have changed the LoD schedules. You can see them here LoD new Schedule.

    [Change - Eastmall] We have updated items from the Nosville Eastore. You can see the prices and the items that are in this thread -> Eastmall (Donations).


    [Change - Spawn WorldBosses] Now at the end of a WorldBoss, if you wait for 30 seconds, you will appear in Nosville.

    [Christmas Event] Will be available until the 19th (Saturday) of January 2019.

    Snowman Raid:

    Christmas maps to face Christmas monsters, in these maps the damage is percentage, so any character will have the same chances of defeating the enemies and get Christmas items as well as cakes, letters, etc. You can also find special enemies that will be harder to defeat than they will take in respawnear and there will be the possibility of releasing some boxes of Christmas gifts.

    The drops of Christmas items are active in all maps, but on Christmas maps it will be more easier to get them.

    Do the missions of the event daily talking to Eva Energy, Malcolm Mix, Soraya Style, Teodor Topp, Slugg or Santa Claus and get Christmas socks, to exchange for a box of Christmas gifts, or other Christmas gifts as Pyjama optimization scrolls , vehicle scrolls or a bag of bells.

    Talk to Santa Claus to get sealed glasses or seals of the Snowman Raid in exchange for chocolate or cream cakes and get many Christmas prizes.

    Santa Claus will also be able to build the magic sleigh vehicle with the red nose reindeer if you bring a magic sleigh and the red nose reindeer pet.

    From the sealed glasses you can get Christmas monsters that will be captured with gold, silver and bronze bells, these monsters to defeat them can also release Christmas items such as cakes even a box of gifts.

    Some Christmas pets that you can get will also give you a box of Christmas gifts daily if you have them in your team for an hour.

    Another way to get Raid Seals is also taking with you the Snowman pet, every hour will give you 1 seal.

    On the other hand is the collection of letters to form the word HAPPY and New Year, these can be exchanged for boxes of New Year in Mimi Mentor where you can leave very interesting objects such as pet food, costumes, partner medicines, baskets, backpacks , protection scrolls, a gigantic warehouse or even the New Year's pig and the happy mouse as a pet and many more.

    From Eastmile, we wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Your Eastmile Team.