Patch 5.4 Alpha

  • Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.

    What has changed?

    [Bugfix] Fixed problems with basic attacks without SP of the Archer and Mage class.

    [Bugfix] Fixed effect of buffs/debuffs and equipments of percentage damage with x probability.

    [Bugfix] Fixed bugs with the reduction of cooldown and with the cooldown itself of the skills.

    [Bugfix] Now the skills that produce "Charge" (like Assassin, Blade, etc ...) will reach the maximum of 7k, never higher.

    [Bugfix] We fixed the debuff "Cut", did not reduce enemy MP.

    [Bugfix] We fixed the passives of the Jellys.

    [Bugfix] We fixed the bug of bleedings or debuffs that lowered HP infinitely.
    [Bugfix] Fixed the bug that you could walk through a stun or frozen.

    [Bugfix] Now if you are in a Raid you can not join the IceBreaker.

    [Bugfix] The icons of Ancelloan, Guardian Angel, Soul Gem and the information of runes, tarots, etc, are no longer shown in the information of the other characters, now you will only see them.

    [Bugfix] You can now hit the meteorite fragment again (necessary for the jajamaru's mission).

    [Bugfix] Glacernon's guardians are immortal again.

    [Bugfix] You can now buy the family store at level 2 of the family.

    [Bugfix] The Scout smoke skill no longer reactivates ibrahim's defense buff.

    [Bugfix] Fixed the problem that sometimes the Draco stayed flying and did not fall.

    [Bugfix] Now your pet will sit down to rest while you have a snack together.

    [Bugfix] Fixed event cakes, which did not heal your HP properly.

    [Bugfix] Fixed bug limit of items published in Nosbazar.

    [Bugfix] Now the Wound Leg debuff already reduces 50% of the speed.

    [Bugfix] Now the Frozen Shield of the ice wizard already reduces the damage against monsters.

    [Bugfix] Fixed the bug that did not get the special sp out of the TS of the mission of the amulet Glacerus to have active debuffs.

    [Bugfix] Fixed the bug that kept you from getting Draco's amulet if you were more than level 90.

    [New - Sandboxie] Now you can have 2 accounts connected simultaneously. Read the rules of the Game for more information: General Game Rules

    [Change - Extra Virgin Olive Oil x2] Now the daily mission of Oils in Priestess (that of flowers of Ice) will give double of Oils for Volcano (Before 10, now 20).

    [New - Farmea items without worrying about not having equipment!] We have added a new channel (Channel 4) where experience will be disabled so you can focus on getting Items depending on the area, so there are no problems with the difference of level .

    In this channel you can only access events such as I.B., LOD and IceBreaker. The rest of events will take place in their right channels.

    Your Eastmile Team.