Patch 5.5 Alpha

  • Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.


    What has changed?

    [Bugfix] The Polar Bear no longer gives the buff to the players (this was a bug).

    [Bugfix] Now you will receive the items of the missions and/or TS in parcel if you have full inventory.

    [Bugfix] You will no longer be able to take away the SP in any way if you have debuffs.

    [Bugfix] Now the Poseidon's "Giant Swirl" will not cancel "Song of the Sirens".

    [Bugfix] We fixed "Buddha Words" from the SP Monk.

    [Bugfix] We fixed "Release box pet".

    [Bugfix] We have fixed the % of debuffs that some Mobs can put on you, mainly afected in act 5.2.
    [Bugfix] Corrected and limited the "Blade Changer" combo Skill of the SP Seer.

    [Bugfix] Fixed the "Mind Sink" Skill of the Seer.

    [Bugfix] The buffs of the DH and the Monk are no longer accumulate or duplicate.

    [Bugfix] The "Increase damage to Low-level Monsters" effect of Rudi's blessing already works.
    [Bugfix] Now you can open all the Sealed Veasel in your Miniland.

    [Bugfix] The debuff of the "Heat of the Burning Sword" of the volcano will no longer ends after 1h.

    [Change- Time-Space rewards] We have changed the Time-Space rewards, they are now more balanced.

    [New - Chicken Raid] Available Raid Chicken, his Time-Space to get the seals, and a store to craft special items with the rewards (souls) of the Raid Chicken. We wanted to give this Raid a utility apart from just getting the SP, which is the only real purpose in the official Raid.

    [New - Citadel in Volcano] Nosville in Act 5.2? Recently we have found a portal that leads to a small Temple with some habitants that turn out to be ancient warriors of the exploration in the Volcano. It seems that they pay homage to a soul. For more information, click here.

    Your Eastmile Team.


  • zla4um0cct.png

    Greetings community,

    This weeks there have been many players who have spent many days in the depths of the Volcano, strengthening and making inroads to explore every corner.

    Not long ago some explorers came across something, with a small lost branch of fire heroes, where some warriors still resided for a long time, self-supplying with as little as they could get of what the Volcano gave them. Authentic fire survivors.

    We thought they were extinct, but with the search for the original heroes of the fire that defeated Lord Draco, these ancient fire wizards decided to re-open the way to the hidden Temple of the Burning Sword.

    As you already know, that same volcano erupted some time ago, and many things appeared in consequence, but we also lost many of our soldiers who were in the front lane of exploration.....

    For what we know they survived thanks to one of the most robust warriors, endured with most of the blow, protecting their team-mates, even becoming for them a God.

    Now the warriors of fire pay homage to their soul that rests in the top part of the Temple. And not only do they pay tribute, but also the heroes of the fire now take charge of retaining the force that absorbed guarding the soul so that it does not break loose and destroy and disturb the lands of Eastmile again. High power spells keep the Temple safe, so much so that its spell allows all living beings to remain in the Temple lands without being burned by the Heat of the Burning Sword.

    Some of our troops have already instaled they selves there and get ready in case something happens. For all the intrepid adventurers you can rest in this area or use teleportation to go to other cities in the desert.