Patch 5.6.1 Alpha

  • Hello players,

    We are aware that lately we need some changes talking about content, because until now we have not focused on it (Beta) more than on making a good base and the best current source in terms of bugs and gameplay (Alpha). That is why right now I announce that we are working to enter the Beta phase as soon as possible, which will start after Act 6 and some other things (we will notify when it starts).
    You can be a creator of content in Eastmile team following this -> Content creator in Eastmile Team

    In this little patch we inform you of several fixes and changes that we have been applying during these days, but soon there will be a new complete patch with more interesting fields with which we have started working.

    What has changed?

    [Bugfix] Fixed an error that crashed the channel while on the ship to go to Glacernon.

    [Bugfix] Fixed visual bug of the "Giant Swirl" ability of the Sp6 Mage.

    [Bugfix] Fixed a bug with exchanges between characters.

    [Bugfix] Fixed some crash / exploits that allowed to duplicate items..

    [Bugfix] Small error in the information of the Miniland posters solved.

    [Bugfix] Fixed a movement problem with the nosmates within the raids and Time-Spaces.

    [Bugfix] Fixed transformation error when you die in glace and after relog.

    [Change - WorldBosses Time] Changes in the opening and closing times of the portals:

    Closing: Closes automatically when Boss appears  The portal will close 1 minute after the first player has entered the WorldBoss portal.

    Opening: Open a minute before the Boss appears  Now the portal will open 30 seconds before the Boss appears.

    [Change - Number of Coupons] Increased amount you receive from items and decreased the number of coupons needed to craft them.

    [Change - Coupons and where to get them] Added more places to get coupons:

    - x1 coupon for each TS Heroic..

    - x1 coupon for each TS Ibrahim.

    - x1 coupon for each daily mission of Act 5.2 done.

    - x1 coupon for each daily mission performed by completing 1 Raid Glacerus, Draco and Volcano (NPC Port Alveus).

    - x1 Coupon in Round 5 "Swirl's Ocean" -> x1 Coupon in Round 3 "Swirl's Ocean"

    - x3 Coupons when you win Instant Battle.

    [Cambio - Improvement in the Bazaar of special maps]  We have improved the amount of items needed to manufacture your equipment in each zone click here.

    [Client Changes - Interface Options] It will be possible to link items in speakers. When you use a speaker press ctrl + right click on the items of your inventory.

    [Upgrade - NosBazaar] It will add the possibility of writing a page number to jump there directly (in case there are many items), a new message in the chat every time an items is sold in NosBazar, the possibility of collecting all the objects sold / finished with a single click, the ability to edit the old auctions (as long as no items has been sold partially) and the name field (shown next to the object) will now be longer.

    Your Eastmile Team.