Content creator in Eastmile Team

  • Do you want to be a content creator at Eastmile?

    Are you creative? Have you always wanted to suggest new ideas? Do you want to contribute directly in Eastmile? This is your site! The Eastmile programming team is capable of doing anything, cheer up!

    Eastmile search creators of content and ideas. We want to make Eastmile a unique place made by and for the community. If you've always had good ideas for Nostale, here's a new opportunity for that.


    • Necessary to explain correctly and in a developed way the ideas that you want to be implemented. If you want your contribution to be taken seriously, you must explain it step by step so that the designer team can study it and see if it is viable at that time (it may be the case that it is good content but the Eastmile team will reserve it for later because it does not correspond to the current theme) and see if it will take a lot of time to work on it. The last thing is not an impediment, but it is possible that there is some idea that is very difficult or need to work a lot of time on it for little impact, which is not worth.
    • Ideas without foundation or simple words will not be read, ejemplo: for example: "I want more lods to open faster", "I would like the raids to be made by one person because I want to do them alone, I have sps + 13 "," the rates are very low, I do not level anything and the gold is very low, it seems like the official one".
    • We are looking for people avaiable to create quality content. With this we want to be clear, the tasks to be performed would be to work with the designer team hand in hand, reinventing from the base the server's gameplay and adding any new content.
    • This is not related to being a Tester / GM or a team position, but it will involve testing the content that is implemented to give opinions and ideas for the balancing or improvement of the same (feedback).

    How and where do i join?

    If you have these requirements you will have to send an email "[email protected]" with the following information: