change/add ways to get eq/res

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    Detailed explanation of the suggestion: change or add ways to obtain eq and res, my current proposition is to just make them available to buy for gold on an npc. as that is easy and simple and gets the job done. it could be anything else, as long as it's easily obtainable by a solo player in a reasonably short time.

    Why the suggestion should be implemented: having eq and res are very essential, and you pretty much can't do anything without them. currently it's hard to get eqs. (i guess it's possible for very experienced players to get by, but still is annoying). and getting res currently is really tedious. there should be a fast and easy way to get them because there is already rng in summing, so with the current system it takes a really long time just to get enough boots/gloves to try sum5 which could just fail and disappear. so making all res 42% or 60% takes way longer than it should, and just makes players hate this game for this long, boring, tedious process (imo).

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  • Hi, this suggestion will go to files for not meeting the term of 15 days from its publication and not reaching the neccesary votes.

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