Asgard closed (Colaboration with Eastmile)

  • Heya everyone!

    We want to inform you that, after some days of some confusion or concern with the future of the Asgard server, we have been in contact with the founder and have finally decided to close Asgard.

    But not all bad news, we made a decision after this closure: we will try to rescue part of the work done in Asgard, we will make a kind of merger with our server Eastmile, since the founder of the server has given us permission to use all the custom content that Asgard had, to implement, adapt or modify it, in Eastmile.

    Our intention is that all the players who were in Asgard find in Eastmile a server to play, and for that we will work to try to take to Eastmile the things that you liked and gave you reason to play in Asgard. But it does not mean that this becomes Asgard, this is not Asgard, we want to add certain things that were there for everyone's taste. Therefore, here will be no Asgard accounts, since nothing has been transferred from the database, we are simply going to try to implement the things that you like from Asgard to Eastmile.

    We do not want you to think that we come as heros, but first of all we wanted to give an explanation to the Asgard community for that unexpected closure, since we have a good relationship with the founder of Asgard (Spinda), like us in these we still need to grow as a community, we have seen it as a good double-win opportunity, since all Asgard players are given the opportunity to play on a server that will have things you liked and not be left without a stable server to play, so we can get the Eastmile community to grow.

    That's why everyone who wants to start a new adventure in Eastmile (or continue it if you already played in our server) will be welcome, and of course we will need your ideas and opinions to integrate the things you liked most about Asgard in Eastmile, since who better than you to know what was your favorite thing about Asgard? (We will also have some of the members of the Asgard team that will help us with everything related to the custom content of Asgard so that together we can implement it on our server).

    We will also have one of the members of the Asgard team that will help us with everything related to the personalized content of Asgard, thus performing the functions of Content Creator (a position available in Eastmile), so that together we can implement it on our server.

    So that you can give your opinions, ideas or what you think it is appropriate to tell us about Asgard we have opened the following thread  Asgard Feedback

    We want to inform both new players, and Asgard players who already knew Eastmile, that the server apart from the things that we will try to implement Asgard will not be the only changes, since until now we were in the phase Alpha server but recently we have been preparing to move to the Beta phase. That is why if any Asgard player wants to enter Eastmile now, he can do it without any problem, but in a couple of days we will restart the accounts and all the progress will be lost so that in the Beta phase we all start from zero as explained in more detail in the following thread  Starting Beta Phase!

    On the other hand if anyone has doubts about what the server is like, what things they have or whatever, we only ask a little patience, because when we go to open the Beta phase we will explain everything that is necessary so that everyone, both the current community of Eastmile, and the new ones that you arrive you know exactly what you are going to find in Eastmile in phase Beta, and if still doubts remain you can ask so much in the help section of the forum as in discord at any time.

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