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    Hello! I'm Alexander, and this is Empire.


    Empire is an international family, so everyone from anywhere is welcome. the only needed requirement is being able to speak English even if just a little bit, so don't worry if you're not very fluent. other than that, the usual rules of being respectful to others and common sense apply.

    My objective of making this family is to create a place where anyone from anywhere can enjoy playing the game with others regardless of their skill level at the game, and be able to chat, help each other and experience all different kind of in-game content. so, join me and let's build an Empire together!

    You can contact me via a message here, or in-game (ign: Alexander). we also got a discord server.

  • Hello!

    I come to tell you that I like to see the presentation and I give you all the luck you need on the way so that the family goes as best as possible. I must tell you that I have to close the thread and for any change or edit something in the post, you must send a private message to any member of the moderation team to reopen this thread if necessary.

    However, I recommend you make a recruitment thread if it is what you need for the family with the necessary labels.

    Thank you.


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