Opening of the Beta phase

  • Good morning everyone!

    After several months and a lot, a lot of work from everyone, we are finally opening Beta phase.

    What does this mean?

    It means that from now on we will focus on creating content within the game. We all like Nostale for what it is, but we can also improve and add many things, and that is what we want. Through the ideas of the team and the players, we will make Eastmile a unique and very special server.

    Will we have any reward for playing in the Alpha phase?

    Of course, you will have your rewards depending on your progress that you made in the Alpha Phase of the server, and you will find it in the first character that you create in your account. There are variations depending on the level you have achieved in Eastmile & Asgard.

    And what about the Asgard players?

    Do not worry, you also have the same kind of rewards depending on your level in Asgard (from a certain minimum) but it is not equivalent to Eastmile since there it had hero level and it was easier to level up, so we adjusted it. Here you have what you will receive each one.

    What happens with donations?

    As we have said several times, those people who donated in the Alpha phase of Eastmile, will be returned the amount contributed as the new Eastcoins that we have in our store (Shop of donations) so that you can enjoy and buy the items that you want.

    In the same way, making a collaboration with Asgard and having your accounts on our server, we have decided to also give you the amount of Eastcoins pertinent to your amount contributed in Asgard.

    Your Eastmile Team