Updates feedback

  • Hi community,

    We open the feedback thread again so that you can send all your opinions about the server and the different updates that will be made during the beta phase.



  • well first thing that comes to my mind, i think the rates in alpha were much better than right now in beta. other than that, i like the beta and the updates made so far.

  • to add more details to my previous post and updated to beta 1.2 patch:

    i talked about rates but i will go more in depth now.

    combat level exp (currently x6): it's not bad honestly after increasing exp in act5 and making ts80. but a slight increase would still be good in my eyes though (like x8 maybe).

    job level exp (currently x6): i personally would like to see a big increase for this. because for normally leveling up you just end up using the same few sps because the others are just not good for mobbing/leveling up. so you have 1-3 sps max lvl while the rest are kinda stuck at low lvl unless you find someone to leech them for you. i think something like x10 rate or more would be nice.

    fairy exp (currently x7): i really really feel like this should be increased way more. leveling fairy is a chore that is really annoying to do, and you won't even get a single fairy to 80% by the time you get to lvl99. i don't feel like spending too many hours lvling fairy in an alt instead of doing other activities. i think it needs a large increase, like x30 or more because lvling fairy is the longest and least rewarding part of the whole lvling up process.

    reputation (currently x2): i mean, the rate is fine i guess? currently the issue is more of the fact that there is not much act4 activity or raid spam, so i can't judge the rate by itself. but i feel like it's fine.

    drop item rate (currently x3): i think it needs an increase. collecting quests like sp2 one and some in main quests were fine. but for other certain stuff like sp3 and items like hot lump of metal and earth element+spring water are still very slow to get. so i think a rate of x5 or x6 is much more reasonable and wouldn't make some items take too long to farm.

    gold amount rate (currently x4): was decreased from x6 to x4 in the latest patch 1.2 and i don't understand why. there is too many stuff to spend gold on, and any decrease means more boring gold farming from mobs because there isn't really any other ways to farm gold. i don't think the decrease was necessary and think it should be back to x6 (or even make it x7 or x8 if you feel generous).

    gold drop rate (currently x5): i feel like this one is fine. increasing the amount you get (to x6 to x8) should be good enough because the gold drops are plenty enough and more of them just means it's more annoying to pick up all the gold on the ground.

    summary: i feel like the rates in beta makes the game still bit too grindy for most people. i don't want very high rates where everything is easy to get and done in few minutes, but there should be still balance where it's not too low that you repeat the same task for many hours over and over again which becomes really boring and drives people away.