sp 3 quest in a party

  • Information about the whole problem

    • Where the problem be happen: -
    • When the problem be happen: when doing sp3 quest in a party
    • Detailed information of the problem: for the collect quests of sp3 (flint, straw, bottle.. etc) when in a party, if one person picks up the quest item it will count as 1 for him to the quest, but the other person (who didn't pick it up) it will count as 2 for him.
      example: person A and B are in a party and doing flint quest. both at 0/50 from the start. person A picks up flint. person A will have 1/50 in quest, while person B will have 2/50 in quest. and this works for both people the same way.

      extra note: i didn't notice this happening with other collect item quest (like sp2). but i also wasn't keeping track of how much i got, so im not sure if this bug is for all collect item quests or just sp3. what i only know is that it happened in all of sp3 collect quests regardless of re-making party and relogging.