WorldBoss, a functional event (?)

  • Hi community,

    I open this discussion thread because we would like that now that we have opened the beta phase, and with the new people that are arriving, you are thinking again about the Worldboss event. Do you think they are useful or balanced?

    From the team we believe that they are not being done and surely it is not because the idea is bad, it is because of the difficulty of the enemies and maybe also because of the rewards, and that is why we have decided to revisit this event.

    For example, an idea we have in mind would be that the damage was percentage and would be more or less high according to the enemies, that way we believe that all the worldboss would be accessible in general for any level and the difficulty would only be that it would cost a little more or less kill it according to the Boss in question. Maybe also include some extra rewards such as essential items that you have been discussing some, who knows.

    But before changing anything we would like the players, who are the ones who are really going to enjoy them, give us your opinions and suggestions for change, you have free way to comment on this event and that can be modified to be more than your liking.

    Event in question  WorldBoss


  • Quote

    an idea we have in mind would be that the damage was percentage and would be more or less high according to the enemies

    if "according to the enemies" means that it would be possible to complete it no matter how few people there are, then yes. this would be a really great idea.

    one thing i would like to see is writing where the portal is from the 5 minute announcement. i understand that you're supposed to search for it, but i got bored with that very quickly so i just sit down until the battle starts to know the location and then go. however, that means that sometimes i can miss it because of that.

    as for rewards, i dont remember what each world boss i did had exactly but i think they were good enough in general. but i wouldn't mind seeing some changes made of course.

  • Well, WorldBoss is a great event, but as you said Yosuke, they're not done since you can get a Cuby Boss and it's like "Cool let's do it", but in the other side, if a random Grenigas spawns, you're doomed, you gave a nice way to solve that, the % damage to the boss, but personally, I'd do this according to the amount of players that are actually killing the boss, therefore, if there are only 2-4 people killing a Random Grenigas, like, make it possible for them, and then they can say "We did 4 man Grenigas GG EZ" you know?

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