Server opening

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    Hey, everyone!

    We inform you that on July Thirdteenth (13th) of 2018 we will open the Eastmile Alpha phase and the server main page will be available for everyone, so you will be able to register your account and download the game installer. The server files installation is complete, which means that a file should be installed separately from any other game version.

    This release will be the first phase of the server, the Alpha phase. This means that it won’t be the definitive version of the server. Therefore, there will be plenty of changes and updates, the same as the Beta phase, until we get to the definitive version, which we cannot explain further in detail.

    We can only say that this first phase won’t count with many substantial changes regarding the server customization. The Alpha phase has the objective of testing, checking and analyzing elements that are already part of the original version of the game, as well as some little points that the developing team thinks necessary to improve the stability and programming of it for future versions.

    Regarding the “Cambio en las armas y jugabilidad del Juego (Beta)” and the “New Projects - Opinions and Suggestions” survey, the Designer Team will keep working on them for the Beta phase of the server. Therefore, they won’t be present in the Alpha phase and those who haven’t voted or given their opinion, still can do it while we don’t give more information about it.

    As this is an Alpha phase, the main objective is to test the game functions and that all the bugs or problems that might be found could be reported in the correspondent forum section (Bugs and Problems). You must follow the rules of that section, use the template.

    As we have announced through Discord, people who help meaningfully with the bugs and problems report will be rewarded for their work in the definitive server.

    Note: If you have any doubt or problem about this, you can use the following link: Doubts about the server alpha phase


  • With the opening of the Alpha phase, the server will count with the following:

    • Daily reward bonus with some interesting items.
    • You start as adventurer with the Legendary+9 equipament.
    • Also, when you choose a class, the beginner equipment given to you will be Legendary+9.
    • From the beginning, you will have the Marco Polo vehicle to move slightly faster. Modified so that he has 20 speed on any map.
    • You could create families, but the family storehouse won’t be available yet.
    • It won’t be possible to do any type of sell, exchange or drop anything until you reach level 30.
    • You can buy items from other users that reached level 30, either through shops or in Nosbazar.
    • You can do the main quests and secondary quests like Wild Sound Flower, but without the TimeSpaces.
    • In Nosville:
      • Shop with useful items like raid seals, protection scrolls, the four fairies of each element (little ones), SPs scrolls, etc...
    • Special maps:
      • Instant combat for levels.
      • Icebreaker arena for levels.
      • Glacernon without raids.
      • Familiar and Individual arena.
    • Raids:
      • Cubi
      • Ginseng
      • Castra
      • Jack Spider
      • Slade

    You could get the majority of equipments, resistances and items necessary to improve the game in the raids. Except for some items that could be given to use in the daily bonus reward.

    Note: We remind you that this is not permanent. As the server progresses and gets checked, there will be some changes that we will keep announcing in the Game News section.

    You pass it very well!

    Your Eastmile Team