Server Rules

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    • Spamming, Flooding, and Flaming are completely prohibited.
    • Duplicated threads are not allowed.
    • The function of this section is to be used as a place to chat about topics related to the server, like recruiting people for a group to lure, level up or look for active people to level fairies up. Also, this section is to carry out the server events, with their respective doubt threads and keep them always in order.
    • Threads that announce contests will be open by the Eastmile staff.
    • You must follow the rules and instructions published by the Eastmile team members when an Event is announced.
    • Also, it will be allowed to have a virtual pub/bar-like-thread in this section to exchange drinks and experiences. Even though you can share experiences about your adventures in the community, there will be no place for extremely brief comments.
    • If the said topic is about the game but has no direct connection with a specific server, please use the “General Discussion” forum. Also, if the said topic has nothing to do with the game, you must post in “OffTopic”.
    • For the remaining uses of this section, use the Family or Marketplace subforums, which are going to be explained later.
    • For the Family section, you must use 3 labels:
      • [Looking for a family] label created to put a family together, where you can add your character information to have more chances to get contacted by one or more families.
      • [Family Introduction] label created to introduce an in-game family, post family mini-events, family moments or have a list of family members.
      • The person who created the thread can ask for their family to be added to the Elune Families List.
      • [Family Recruitment] label created together with the [Family Introduction] label, to recruit possible family members. In this part, we will explain further in detail this label:
        • There can only be one post per family. The post must be created by the same person who created the [Family Introduction]. Without this last thread, you cannot create a recruitment one.
        • The post with the requirements for the family recruitment will be closed after 24 hours of posting it. If you want to update it, you must contact the section moderator. Past said time, the thread will be added to the Family Recruitment list.
    • For the Marketplace section, you must use the 3 labels: [Sell], [Buy], and [Trade]. There will be a section clean-up every 15 days, storing the posts with more than 15 days since the last post.
      • It is not allowed to do post-hunting (to post just to post something, create threads to appear first or in the first page, like “Up”, etc.) or thread nigromancy (to post or create a thread which last post was posted 15 or more days ago to “bring it back to life”).
      • Only the thread creator can double-post in this section if they hadn’t received an answer, or it is to add or modify the post content.
      • It is not allowed to sell, buy or trade on behalf of someone who is banned from the forum, either temporally or permanently.
    • In addition to what was previously mentioned, the general forum rules also apply to this section. No exceptions.
    • In the case of having any complaints about a moderation, we will not attend any claims from people that are not the affected directly.
    • The team reserves its right to solve any problems that it is not contemplated in the rules as they think fit.

    This thread will be updated if/when it is necessary.

    The team reserves its right to edit these rules at any moment. Also, the team will take the measures they think necessary in the case of the breach of any of these rules. Not reading these rules does not exempt you from following them.

    Registering and posting in the forum sections means that you accept these rules and the general rules of the forum. Also, it means that you must accept any sanction applied in the case you break any of our rules. We must highlight that defining what is right or wrong is defined by the Moderation Team, not the Forum members.