New rotatory boxes: Cupid Princess and Pink Unicorn!

  • Hello Eastmile players,

    This week a new rotation returns in the weekly Eastmall boxes ...

    What does this rotation include?

    This rotation includes two new boxes:


    1744.png Cupid Partner SP Box , in which you can get the Cupid Specialist Card.

    The SP being triple S grants your character the following buff:

    Princess Cupid's Partner

    - Duration: Permanent, as long as the SP is active and the partner wearing it is alive.

    Experience points increase by 15%

    Increased all defenses by 200.


    1744.png Pink Unicorn set box , in which you can get the Pink Unicorn.

    Movement Speed: 22
    EastVille and Port Alveus Speed +3
    [With Throttle]
    Teleports you to a random point on the map.
    Duration +5

    If you don't get the exclusive prize in the box, you can get one of the following items:

    Your Eastmile team