[15/02/2021 ~ 21/02/2021] Love is in the air!

  • Hello Eastmile players,


    The following offers will be available at Eastmall from today until the Valentine's event ends on 02/21!

    50089.png Wedding Box

    The Wedding Box has a 20% discount on its price in EC

    Get married and celebrate Valentine's Day every day!
    When you get married, both spouses receive [Wedding 10241.png] while in a group.

    - Combat experience increases by 5% (10% during Valentine's Day event)

    You can also use wings of friendship unlimitedly with your spouse as long as it is on a general map

    Objetos en el paquete:

    1981.png Cupid Arrow x1

    4000.png Wedding Hairstyle (for men and women 7 days) x2

    981.png Wedding Clothes (for men and women 7 days) x2

    1984.pngDouble Fireworks x10

    1985.pngFountain Firework (Yellow) x10

    1987.pngHeart Firework (Red) x10

    50430.png Wedding Costume Specialist Skin


    You can get a special Wedding Specialist card skin to make your SP visually look like Romeo or Juliet for 1000 EC.

    Note: This item is not tradable.

    Your Eastmile Team