[10/03/2021] - Balance Changes

  • Hello Eastmile players,

    Today we have a scheduled maintenance.

    What will change?

    • [Bugfix] The Ninja's "Blade Guard" animation has been changed so that the charge starts when the ability is used, and not after the cast time.
    • [Bugfix]  It has been removed, and changed the cellon of level 10 for cellon of level 9, since it was put by mistake.

    • [Temporary test] The use of snacks and meals has been temporarily disabled.

    • [Change] Changes have been made to the spawn system for the special Act 6.2 WorldBoss, the Legendary Cryophoenix:
      • Now the event will no longer warn 10 minutes before, but will warn 5 minutes before its appearance.
      • Now it will warn of the map in which it will appear when there are 2 minutes left .
      • The event start time has been changed so that Worldboss will appear at exactly 3:00 PM and 10:30 PM (server time).

    • [Change] Changes have been made to the Heating Potion:
      • It will now give a 5% increase attack and 5% increase defense.
      • Its duration has been changed from 1 hour to 30 minutes.

    • [Change] To try to improve the stability of the server we have been forced to eliminate the Time-Space of Act 6.2 , in return some changes have been made to try to meet the needs in the PVE :
      • The ability to earn Champion XP by killing enemies after level 30 has been enabled in Act 6.1, but there will be a penalty to get it significantly less than in 6.2.
      • Enemy respawn times have been reduced to 40 seconds to make it easier to lure on a single map without waiting too long.
      • Now the Frozen Ruins and Corrupted Ruins maps will be general maps (they will no longer be familiar, so you can go with people who are not in the same family and there will be no infinite agro).
      • New special maps will be added:
        • Inside Icy Ruins there will be two new portals to go to Icy Ruins I and Icy Ruins II and those maps will be both familiar .
        • In the same way the Corrupted Ruins will be a general map, but inside there will be two portals to Corrupted Ruins I and Corrupted Ruins II that will also be familiar .
        • On each map there will be exactly the same enemies, except that the Dark Nymph miniboss will only be found in Corrupted Ruins II .

    • [Change] Increased the drop chance of Balance Items, Balance Essence, Destroyed Orichalcum, and Damaged Orichalcum to balance gold gain.
    • [Change] The drop chance of Pure Mithril on Spectrums and Ancient Civilisation Tablet slightly increased on Garad Berserker to balance gold gain.

    • [Change] Dark Nymph respawn time changed to 12 hours.

    • [New] Adamantium has been added as a drop on the Dark Nymph and the Legendary Cryophoenix.
    • [Change] Adamantium has been removed from the Act 6.2 drop, it can now only be dropped from Raid Boxes and Act minibosses.
    • [Change] It has been removed from the Cryphoenix Feather drop from the Cryphoenix, now it can only be dropped from the Legendary Cryphoenix.

    • [Change] Changes have been made to the store price of some items in Act 6.2:
    • 2743.png Soul of Innocence  80k store value added.
    • 2852.pngFrost Crystal  80k store value added.
    • 2877.png Icy Spirit  110k store value added.
    • 2853.png Icy Skin  400k store value added.
    • 1353.png Cryophoenix Feather  The value has been changed from 800k to 5kk.
    • 2868.png Ancelloan' Mystical Rune 100k store value added.
      Note: These items have been unpublished from Bazaar because their value has been changed.

    • [Change] Changes have been made to Fernon's Box chances and quantities so that there is a bit more variety between medium rewards and worst rewards are slightly less, and there is more difference between special qualities.
    • [Change] The Frost Crystal has been removed from Fernon's Box.

    • [Change] The base stats of the c45 equipment have been rebalanced to make it more different from the c25 equipment.

    • [Change] Changes have been made to the stats of all Act 6.2 enemies due to equipment balancing and the new heating potion damage bonus.
    • [Change] The duration of all long duration debuffs applied by enemies has been reduced so that they aren't as annoying.

    Your Eastmile team