Balance Changes

  • Hello Eastmile players,

    Today we have a scheduled maintenance.

    What will change?

    • [Bugfix] Fixed Krem left blade mechanic in Raid Fernon. This apart from giving a blessing to the players, it removes the buffs of level 6 or lower to Fernon, necessary especially to remove the effect of "Divine Will" , which until now due to a mistake was not being applied to the Boss .
    • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue that Boss Fernon being able to receive both wing buffs at the same time.
    • [Bugfix] Changes have been made to the aggro system of the enemies to be more fluid and improve the detection of the closest enemies.

    • [New]  Normal fairies will now visually look different when wearing Fairy Strengthener.

    • [Change]  Now Zenas and Erenia will only jump once at the end and disappear when doing so.

    • [Change] The damage increase for Zenas and Erenia debuffs has been reduced.

    • [Change]  The Dark Nymph family boss life has been increased.

    Your Eastmile team