IP-Sharing Rules Reminder

  • Hello Eastmile community

    I would like to clarify some  Game Rules  from which some players do not yet seem to know at all:

    • Only ONE connected account is allowed per person. You can have secondary accounts (Sands or warehouse accounts) but never more than one account connected simultaneously. In the event that one of a player's accounts receives a permanent ban, all of the user's accounts will be banned simultaneously.
    • NOTE: You will not be allowed to play with more than ONE ACCOUNT at the same time, this means banning any account from using sandboxie/alters.
    • If two or more accounts share a network or connection (playing under the same IP), please notify the game team through the ticket system, to avoid unnecessary penalties (It may happen that someone else playing under your same connection receives a permanent ban and your account is then sanctioned as a multi-account of the previous one).
    • IP sharing and post-sanction connection change notifications will not be taken into account if you share IP with someone or connect in different locations, you'll need to notify them as soon as possible to avoid exposure to sanctions.

    This means that you should keep in mind that each person who shares a connection at some point must notify them using the Eastmile Support ticket system with the following template:

    • Nicks of the characters who share IP:
    • Reason why IP is shared (e.g. siblings, partner, etc.):

    WE MUST note that in the event of any illegal or suspicious activity there may be cases of permanent IP blockages by the team, if you are playing on networks with other players who may commit some illegality and there is an IP block you will be affected as well, that's why it's vitally important that the team is always told about connecting with other players, or connecting to the game from different locations to avoid unnecessary permanent blockages and having to undertake a claim process that can be long by having to force the team to review all the information and yourself see you in need of proving that you're a different person who has had to be punished for this caliber.