Balance changes and Shadow Tower's new content

  • Hello Eastmile players,

    Today we have a scheduled maintenance.

    What will change?

    - [Change] Champion experience penalty on death has been reactivated in Act 6 as it was only temporarily disabled during the time there were stability issues.
    - [Change] The price and limited attempts of the Volcano Burning Temple TS have been reactivated since it was only temporarily removed during the time there were stability issues.

    - [Change] The role of [Partner] has been changed to [CC] and now their nick under the character will be shown in blue due to the new affiliate and content creator system that we introduced a few weeks ago.

    - [Change] The amount of family experience required to climb to the later levels has been increased and the limit has been set at level 18 for the time being.

    - [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that kept the buffs of pets and/or partners when saving them in a bead, now to be able to save them they should not be on your team.
    - [Bugfix] A bug in the multilanguage system has been fixed in some sites such as the Time-Space descriptions, as it was not working correctly and did not show the message.

    - [New] A new trainer has been added in EastVille with the special type of "Boss" along with the other trainers of different types so that the damage bonuses on bosses can also be tested.

    Changes have been made to the content of the Shadow Tower:


    - New rewards have been changed and added in the Dark Box.
    - The craft of tarot and medallion in exchange for brass coins has been deleted.
    - New crafting items have been added:

    Partner SP "Akhenaten" 900 brass coins

    · Title "Shadow Hunter" 500 brass coins
    · Shadow Costume wings 999 brass coins

    New system:

    Now, when passing a floor, all participants will receive a buff for the general and raid maps that will last until the next restart of the event and that will improve its effects for each floor passed.

    [Shadow Tower Buffs]

    All attacks increase by 2% (+ 2% x floor, being 20% the maximum when exceeding the 10th floor)
    Experience points increase by 1% (+ 1% x floor) (10% x floor, being 10% the maximum when complete the 10th floor)
    Reduces the enemy's resistances by 1 (+1 x floor) (10 x floor, with 10 being the maximum when complete the 10th floor)

    [Shadow Tower Conqueror] (bonus for overcoming the Tower)
    - Movement speed is increased by 1

    - Resistance to all elements is increased by 10

    Title "Shadow Hunter":

    - All attacks are increased by 100
    - Movement speed is increased by 1

    Dark Costume Wings :
    - Below level 3 (inclusive), the chance of not receiving a debuff is 10%
    - There is a 2% chance that the enemy will receive the [Dark Mark] effect when attacking.

     [Shadow Mark]

    - Critical damage has been increased by 20%.

    - All elements increase by 15%

    - The next damage taken you deal to a marked enemy is increased by 50% and consumes the Mark.

    - Level 4

    - Duration: 20 seconds.

    Akhenaton Partner SP:

    Team / SP changes


    Luminiel's Brilliant Crossbow

    •  Increase all defenses -> Increase all elements by 18



    - Buff: "Berserker":

    • Removed the "defence decrease"


    - Buddha's Words:

    • MP consumption each time the cycle is executed is 500 MP.

    - Meditation (Green Buff):

    • Critical damage has decreased by 60%  25%


    - Iron Skin:

    • Damage from close range attacks decreased by 20%  25%
    • Damage from long-range attacks decreased by 65%  50%
    • (Added) Damage from magic attacks decreased by 30%

    - Wild Keeper:

    - Eagle Spirit:

    • The hit rate on all attacks has increased by Plvl/2  Plvl * 2

    - Ranger

    - Headshot

    • Displace the opponent 2  4 blocks back.

    Your Eastmile team