Heroic TimeSpaces

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    After the last event, where we enter the new map of kite area has opened a path to a cave where there are 4 heroic TimeSpaces.

    These 4 correspond to the ranges of level 40 ~ 49, 50 ~ 59, 60 ~ 69 and 70 ~ 88 respectively and may be done individually or in groups.

    To access them you will need 1 key that opens them, this key will be delivered daily by packages so that at least you can do it once a day. But you must inform that the established limit of incursions per day is 15, so if you collect several keys you can do it more than once a day.

    All of them are composed of a closed map where you will stay for 15 minutes to face rounds of enemies, it will depend on your strength and skill to be able to finish them all, because they will not give you a truce until the end. We already warn you from this moment that to win the TimeSpace is going to be a really difficult task, especially in the last, not for nothing are called heroics.

    In these space-time maps the experience rise is slightly increased, so you can get experience faster than in other general maps.

    In addition, some of the items that you release may be useful to get gold or directly for some other news from Eastmile.

    But that's not all, at a certain moment some more powerful enemies may come to appear, which by defeating them will give you an important amount of gold.

    Finally, if you manage to survive the 15 minutes of the mission there will be the possibility of getting a number of feathers or a box with wonderful prizes.

    Good luck and we hope that these new events will allow you to strengthen yourself a lot for the next battles that will come, because it seems that the enemies will come back more and more powerful!