Update 4.0 Alpha

  • Hello players, we updated our server with lot of new things!

    Check it out here -> Patch 4.0 Notes

    How to open Raids glacernon (alternative option):

    The new system to open the Glace Raids consists of destroying the altar of the enemy side.

    In the frozen desert of each side is the altar that represents the power of each of them guarded by guardians, the goal is for each side to destroy the altar of the other side. But that is not all, sometimes a good attack is also a good defense and that is why each side can protect its altar by defeating the enemies, healing the life of the altar, giving buffs, etc.

    The side that manages to defeat the altar will invoke the spirit of Lord Mukraju and both altars will disappear until it is time for a new battle.

    But those altars will not always be the same, so that it is not always the same side that gets to open a raid, the side that loses to the next battle will have easier to defeat the altar since it will have 10% less life and so successively until it reaches the minimum limit.