Patch 4.3 Notes

  • Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.

    What has changed?

    ["Bugfix"] The damage to the mines and the bomb of the SP Destroyer is now right.

    [Bugfix] We have solved an error that did not allow you to rest if you had a bleeding.

    [Bugfix] Now the drops of quests will be possible even if there is a lot of difference in level.

    [Change - Bosses] Now there will be no effects of level lower than 4 or stuns to the raid bosses.

    [Activated - It has returned as never before] We have re-activated the Ross Hisrant Raid with several changes made in the raid, now it's something different.


    [New - More missions] Mission in Mine Plains to get the Jajamaru specialist.

    [New - Partners available now] The first partner in Soraya Style is available! Sakura willing to fight against Eastmile's enemies.

    [New - Naruto?] There are plagues of ninjas! We have created a TS to remove stamps from the Namaju raid.

    [New - Raid Namaju] A while ago we are seeing strange things in the left area of Nosville Meadows. The explorers have discovered a portal with a new Raid within it.

    Your Eastmile Team.