Discovering Eastmile - Alpha Phase

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    tQ2uPQM.png?1 Level EXP Rate x10
    xniAB3x.png?1 Prof EXP Rate x10
    7q06vlvpi9.png Hero Level EXP Rate Not implemented yet
    m9v6O5q.png?1 Fairy EXP Rate x10
    7UJFehE.png?1 Reputation Rate x3
    5sc8TcU.png?1 Drop items Rate x4
    kl5NKYT.png?1 Gold amount Rate x10
    3V1AxaA.png Drop gold Rate x8


    • You start as an adventurer with the legendary team + 9.
    • When class is chosen, the beginner team will be legendary + 9.
    • From the beginning you will have the chicken frame vehicle to be able to move slightly faster. (Currently with speed 20 on any map.)
    • You will have a brown squirrel pearl from the beginning to invoke it as a pet.
    • Blocked all items exchange / sale options up to level 30. (Buy items from other users if possible from the beginning.)
    • Currently the maximum level is 99.
    • Currently they can be obtained from SP1 to SP6. (All will be available soon.


    • Daily loyalty bonus with some interesting prizes.
    • All official operating stores.
    • Family system
    • Maps available until Act 5.2, with Glacernon 100% working included (all Raids except Caligor yet).
    • Shell system.
    • Ice Machine to prepare ice cream.
    • Campfires to cook food.
    • Accelerators with their effects for each of the vehicles.
    • Indicator posters to access the minilands from the towns.
    • Wedding system
    • Jewelery system and cellon options.
    • Groups of 3 people.
    • NosBaazar
    • Passive skills
    • Optimization system and equipment improvement.
    • Resistance summing system.
    • Manufacturing system (Recipes and parchments or stores as in the official.)
    • All the main missions are active (until Act 3 included) but you are skipping all the Time-Spaces.
    • As secondary missions the one of the flowers of sound is active. (Only the 10 minutes.)
    • Arena of talent (AOT). (Open 24 hours a day and with the possibility of doing 20 daily.)
    • Depending on the level range you are in, you will have a more or less high percentage of experience rise in the following way (adding our EXP Rate):
      • Level 1~30 60% more experience
      • Level 31~55 40% more experience
      • Level 56~70 20% more experience
      • Level 71~80 10% more experience
      • Level 81~90 5% more experience
    • Swirl Ocean Minigame (It's a customized version of our server from the well-known meteor minigame)
    • Worldbosses system, only in Eastmile, for more information please click -> here.
    • Getting fame by connecting and being on the server.


    • Instant combat by levels. (With the rewards and enemies as in the official.)
    • Ice sand by levels. (With the rewards as in the official.)
    • LOD with 4 openings daily (LoD Schedule <- clicking there).
    • Arena Individual and family.
    • Act 4: Glacernon.
    • Cuby, Ginseng, Castra, Spider and Slade Zone (Info of these special maps in this post) (Fast EXP Areas (for certain levels ONLY) and craft equipment / resistances.) Click here to see which Bonus EXP Levels maps.
    • Kertos and Valakus Zone (Info of these special maps in this post) (Fast EXP Areas and craft equipment / resistances.)
    • Original town of Eastmile called Burning Sword Temple in Volcano with most basic store options. (Patch 5.5)

    Note: Apart from the original system to open one of the 4 elemental raids of Glacernon we have activated an alternative system that is explained in the following thread  Update 4.0 Alpha


    • Chicken King
    • Mother Cubi
    • Ginseng
    • Castra
    • Spider
    • Slade
    • Namaju
    • Ross Hisrant (Original, unique and exclusive raid created by the Eastmile team)
    • Lord Morcos
    • Lady Calvina
    • Lord Berios
    • Lord Hatus
    • Ibrahim
    • Lord Draco
    • Glacerus
    • Kertos
    • Valakus
    • Caligor (+Info en este post)


    • Shop with most masks and hats until Act 5.
    • Store with most costumes.
    • Eastmile bazaar with consumer items and tools for the optimization and improvement of equipment + elemental fairies.
    • Permanent Campfire in Nosville to cook food with pets and companions.
    • Shop optimization and equipment improvement, and addition of resistance in Glacernon.
    • Shop to get the different colored squirrels.
    • Shop to manufacture the four elementary wings with optimization of titaneo.
    • Store to exchange feathers for gold
    • Shop to buy items in exchange Eastore coupons. (Donation System o Events and Contests.)
    • Crafting Shop of utility items through event coupons (which can be obtained by carrying out custom activities of Eastmile, such as WorldBosses, Swirl Game, etc.)


    • Heroic Time-Spaces by levels. (+Info in Heroic TimeSpaces) (Fast EXP TS and obtaining feathers and gold in the central Portal of Comet Meadow.)
    • Time-Space individual. (Basilisco)
    • Time-Space individual. (Chrysos).
    • Time-Space individual. (Treekun).
    • Time-Space individual. (Giant Knight)
    • Heroic Time-Space of the Desert Robbers. (+Info in Act 5.1: Desert) (Fast EXP TS and obtaining of equipment / mother nature's runes in path of Desert Ibrahim's Raid.)
    • Individual Time-Spaces to obtain seals from the Act Raids 1
    • Hidden Time-Spaces from the missions of SP5 and SP6

    In the following guide you can see what are the rewards that currently come out in the different chests or boxes that can be obtained, either raid, loyalty bonus or some Time-Spaces  Eastmile Guide

    Note: We remind that this is not permanent, as the server progresses and things are revised there will be changes that will continue to be announced in the News section of the Game and this thread will be updated.