Discovering Eastmile - Beta Phase

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    tQ2uPQM.png?1 Level EXP Rate x6
    xniAB3x.png?1 Prof EXP Rate x6
    7q06vlvpi9.png Hero Level EXP Rate Not implemented yet
    m9v6O5q.png?1 Fairy EXP Rate x7
    7UJFehE.png?1 Reputation Rate x2
    5sc8TcU.png?1 Drop items Rate x3
    kl5NKYT.png?1 Gold amount Rate x6
    3V1AxaA.png Drop gold Rate x6


    • You start as an adventurer with the legendary equipment+ 7.
    • When class is chosen, the beginner team will be legendary + 7.
    • Blocked all items exchange / sale options up to level 30. (Buy items from other users if possible from the beginning.)
    • Currently the maximum level is 99.
    • Currently they can be obtained from SP1 to SP8 (the 4th class is not implemented).



    • Paths to lower levels Raids (Additional Percentage (Bonus) of Experience.)
    • Paths to higher levels Raids (Additional percentage (Bonus) of Experience and manufacture of equipment.)
    • Burning Sword Temple in Volcano (Original Village of Eastmile), with most basic store options.



    • Shop optimization and equipment improvement, and sum of resistance in Glacernon.
    • Campfire permanent in Eatsville to cook various types of snacks.
    • Store to exchange feathers for gold.
    • Crafting shop for utility items through event coupons (which can be obtained by carrying out custom activities of Eastmile, such as WorldBosses, Swirl Game, etc.)
    • Fairy creation shop using fairy powders and essences.
    • Shop to buy basic masks and hats.


    • Heroic Time-Spaces (TS of rapid rise of EXP and obtaining of feathers and gold.)
    • Individual Hidden Time-Spaces
    • Desert Robber's Gang Time-Spaces. (TS of rapid rise of EXP and obtaining of equipment in path of Raid Ibrahim.)
    • Hidden Time-Spaces from SP5 and SP6 (Mission to get their respective elemental amulet)
    • Laurena's past hidden Time-Space. (TS to obtain materials to make the raid, seals of the Raid, gems of Laurena and spirits of Caligor.)

    In the following guide you can see what are the rewards that currently come out in the different chests or boxes that can be obtained, either raid, loyalty bonus or some Time-Spaces and other systems and official guides  Eastmile Guide

    Note: Remember that this is not permanent, as the server progresses and things are revised there will be changes that will continue to be announced in the News section of the Game and this thread will be updated.