Patch 4.5 Notes

  • Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.

    What has changed?

    [Bugfix] Now when you buy a gun at the reputation store, it will acquire your smell.

    [Bugfix] Now haircolours/style work for everyone.

    [Bugfix] Now when you die "evil potion" does not keep recovering until you revive.

    [Bugfix] The warehouses already have their maximum capacity and you can see the information of the items.

    [Bugfix] Now when you take items from the warehouse, they appear in the correct inventory.

    [Bugfix] Some badly placed mobs have been updated.

    [New] Bonfires ready to prepare delicious meals and recover from battles.

    [New] Delicious ice cream awaits you to be crafted in the ice cream machine.

    [Nuevo - Be careful with the excess speed that there are controls] Accelerators already work on all vehicles.

    [Nuevo - Soraya and Calvin will get married?] The wedding plcace is already available for wedding ceremonies.

    [Nuevo - * Toc toc * Is there anyone at home?] The signs and indicators to enter the miniland already work.

    [Nuevo - Watch out do not get petrified]New Time-Space (Basilisks) to get craft materials.

    [Nuevo - The lethal clamp] New Time-Space (Chrysos) to get craft materials.

    [Nuevo - The cursed root] New Time-Space (Treekun) to get craft materials.

    [Nuevo - Darkness has been unleashed] New Time-Space (Giant Knight) to get craft materials.

    Note: You will be able to access them with the stones that dropped from mobs. (Who previously had the common stones to create those tso, have become the stones to access directly to the new Time-Space. ALL OF THEM ARE INDIVIDUAL.)

    [Change - Gold Rate Upgrade] Now the base gold of the mob drops out and then it is multiplied by the gold quantity rate (So now you get much more than before).

    [Change - Crafts] Materials for the creation of Rudiselrun and Kedenoss jewelry and Amir equipment can now be found in the new Time-Space or in enemies of the Forest areas.

    [Change - Crafts] Now full HP/MP can be made with items available in the game.

    [Change - Cooking Mama] Now at the Nosville barbecue you can cook food.

    [Change - Pets] The colorful squirrels will now only come out in the daily chest.

    [Change - Balance] Due to the improvement in the rate of amount of gold obtained we have eliminated the gold TS since it is not so necessary anymore.

    [Change - Loyalty Bonus] The daily chest has been updated to include many new awards already available at Eastmile.

    Note: Remember that in Discovering Eastmile - Phase Alpha you have the information of everything that is currently available in Eastmile and Eastmile Guide you have the list of all the prizes that you can get in the different systems and chests available.

    [Update - The hot, arid desert wind] Soon expeditions will begin to the remote lands of the Mortaz desert.

    [Update - The adventures with company are always better] Soon there will be new warriors willing to accompany you along the way.

    Your Eastmile Team.