Game Master Applications [CLOSED]

  • Hello everyone!

    Note: This apps to be Game Master are made only for the English community; so, we need people who have high decent knowledge of English. If you have a good knowledge of Spanish, you can be Game Master on both teams (English & Spanish communities), obviously this is important for your application in all aspects.

    The applications are currently:


    Do you want to be part of the Entail game team? Here is your chance to help around the community.


    • Must be 18 years old or more.
    • Mandatory minimal control of English to have a good work of your position as GM attending to users. A good level will add more points in your application.
    • Availability of ample hours, since the Game Master position requires time, constant and regular (recommended approximately 1 hour a day to keep your daily stuff).
    • Be respectful, responsible and, above all, be willing to help, that is, have a good predisposition to work as a team and help users. Have the ability to objectively acknowledge constructive criticism and ignore those that do not, in case it occurs (this is important, but not essential to send the request).
    • Be participatory and communicative; with desire to work at the same time to spend a funny good time as a team.
    • Be impartial in the treatment of users.
    • Not have any warning in the forum or penalty in the game in the last 3 months before sending the request.
    • Have knowledge and experience in the game.
    • Good behavior history.
    • Be able to work as a team and not be a toxic person.

    If you meet these requirements, kindly send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Game Master Application: (nick)", for example: "Game Master Application: Nube" filling in these fields:

  • We still are searching for new Game Masters for Eastmile!

    If you played our server, try to apply!


  • Hi community!

    We inform everyone that from now on that GameMaster's applications are closed, thanks all the people who showed up, if anyone hasn't yet received response for your application it is possible that it is still being processed, so be patient. Also we remember that applications that were incomplete either because they were missing required points or because they were of poor presentation are automatically rejected.

    Greetings and good luck to everyone in this or future convocations :;1326514182;: