Maintenance 31.10.2018 (Wednesday)

  • Hello players,

    Tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance from 7:30 PM in the afternoon in Spanish time

    What will change?


    [Update - Trick or Treat] The Halloween Event will begin and will last until the end of November. (We will give all the event information during maintenance)

    [Bugfix] Now the waves of enemies in the Glace raids will take 1 minute to leave.

    [Bugfix] Now you can cure and give blesses to the NPC of the Raids and Time-Spaces.

    [Cambio - Liquidación] Some costumes, of event, now will no longer be available in the shop. (who already had them bought, won't lose them)

    Your Eastmile Team


  • In this post we explain what is the Halloween event on our server so you know all the possibilities of gameplay and rewards that there is.

    • The map of Nosville and Port Alveus will have the characteristic decoration of these dates with a dark and spooky theme.
    • Nosville apart from the decoration has suffered the invasion of dark creatures, so that the guardians and the typical monsters of this map have taken refuge in other maps that can be accessed from Nosville itself.
    • The monsters that wander through Nosville will have and will receive percentage damage, so that you will all have the same base possibilities before them.
    • Two new event NPCs named Eric and Mary will be available.
    • Several daily event missions will be available that you can get talking with Eva, Soraya, Teoman, Malcolm and Mary.
    • With the NPC Eric you can redeem items of the event dropped by Raid Stamps or Halloween Scroll Scrolls.

    The Raid Jack O'Lantern will be available, this raid has the peculiarity that the Boss will always take away a certain amount of damage, but if you get a Halloween costume that damage will increase.

    On the map of Nosville, a dark portal has also been opened that will take you to the catacombs and the forbidden forest, a place where terrifying monsters await you to fight to the end, and with which you can also access the path of the Raid.

    • This portal will lead you to the event zone that is made up of 5 maps in total, plus the path of the raid, and in each of them there will be different monsters that when defeating you can give you special items of the event.
    • For all the server maps, the event items may appear, but in particular, these maps may be obtained a little more.
    • Like Nosville's monsters, all enemies on these maps will have and will perform percentage damage, although not all of them have exactly the same percentage, since some will be more difficult to defeat.
    • In these maps you can additionally find some unique enemies that when defeating them there is a probability that some special rewards will be released.

    The following event items will be available as general drop:

    • Yellow Pumpkin Sweet (Event)
    • Black Pumpkin Sweet (Event)
    • Pumpkin
    • Jack O'Lantern's Seal

    A new NPC will also be available in the path of the Raid where you can get some interesting rewards in exchange for other event objects.

    Note: Since we are in an alpha phase of the server it is possible that during the event there are some changes, adjustments or even something more related to the event is added. So we advise you to be attentive to all the news we announce.

    Important: All items that carry the label (Event) plus pumpkins, Raid stamps, and Halloween boxes and jewelers will disappear at the end of the event, so if you want to use them before the end of the Halloween event. Anyway before its completion we will publish a list of all the things that will disappear to avoid confusion.