Patch 5.2 Alpha

  • Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.

    What has changed?

    [Implementation - Experience gameplay] We have created an algorithm which makes it easier to level up, increasing the % of experience added to the base rate of the server, until reaching level 90.

    We have improved it so that:

    1~30 60%

    31~55 40%

    56~70 20%

    71~80 10%

    81~90 5%

    [Level - Maximum level!] We have increased the maximum level to 99.

    [New - Act 5.2] We have added a new act: 5.2 - The Burning Sword

    [New - Candescent Missions] The new main missions of the act and the daily missions in the NPC "Priestess Serizad" are already available.

    [New - NPCs] Now the NPC "Great Magician Kan" will be in Eagle City instead of at the Volcán gate, where the NPC of the "Priestess Serizad" will be located from now on.

    [THE END! - Halloween Event] The Halloween event has come to an end. All event objects will be deleted (list below), the access to the event maps will disappear and Nosville and Port Alveus will return to normal.

    [New!! - Variety (never seen before anywhere!)] We have created new maps and areas for farm/level for the most newbies players. In the next post we explain how it works. Raid seals can be obtained more easily thanks to them.

    List of Halloween event objects that will be deleted:

    Jack O'Lantern Raid Box, Malcolm's Halloween Box, Eva's Halloween Box, Soraya's Halloween Box, Halloween Costume Scroll, Halloween Costume Scroll (Event), Jack O'Lantern's Seal, Bag of Sweets (Event), Halloween Horror Box,Pumpkin, Yellow Pumpkin Sweet (Event), Scary Pet Trainer (Event), Black Pumpkin Sweet (Event), Pumpkin (Event), Pumpkin Syrup (Event) and Halloween Wonder Chest.

    Your Eastmile Team.



    These maps are designed for the leveling of characters of levels lower than 80. There are 5 new maps located just before the path of each Raid (Cuby, Ginseng, Castra, Spider and Slade).

    How to get?

    Nothing changes, it is the same walk to the path, only instead of connecting directly with the path, you will have these maps customized and adapted for certain levels. In each of these maps you will find at the beginning a lever to be able to go directly to the path and that it is not necessary to travel each time the whole map in case of wanting to go to the path of the Raid.

    What is special about these maps?

    These maps apart from having a large number of mobs, it has mini Bosses and a main Boss that will have their difficulty and time of rebirth.

    A part each of them also has an Individual Time-Space to get stamps of the area Raid and some special items.

    Whats the mobs drop?

    In each zone the enemies will release, apart from common items, 1 special item of that area that may be used later.

    The mini Bosses can get to drop 5 of that special item, as well as 10 seals of the Raid of that area.

    On the other hand, the main Bosses may drop 10 of the special item, also 20 seals of the Raid of that zone and a soul of that boss.

    What are these special items for?

    In each of these new maps you can find a crafting shop, the special item will be used to craft 1 seal of the Raid of that area or a Boss soul.

    With the souls of Boss of each zone you can craftear the 4 Divine Fairies or the equipment and special resistances of each Raid, it will be your choice to use the special items to craft seals and realize the Raid or go getting souls to exchange for the equipment and the fairies.

    Thanks to the farming of those areas, it will be much easier to make raids and be stronger with the rewards of each one.

    If you manage to overcome a Raid you will also get a soul from the Boss to be able to exchange it for the rewards.

    What do you mean customized and adapted maps for certain levels?

    The Eastmile server can use any map in a personalized way, without disabling the original. These maps are identical to the ones inside each Raid, so if you are already familiar with them, the orientation will not be a problem for you and for those who will not be able to begin to know them, you will not be so lost in the Raids.

    Customized Each map has the highest experience (which applies to the base rate of the server) made to make it much easier for Eastmile. (especially in the Alpha).

    Adapted We have made each zone and each enemy playable for certain levels, counting on that you will have a lower team and/or less resistance and you will get more experience if you are between this range of levels in each zone.

    Cuby Map Level 30~40

    Ginseng Map Level 40~50

    Castra Map Level 50~60

    Spider Map Level 60~70

    Slade Map Level 70~80

    We hope you enjoy this!