Patch 5.2.2 Alpha

  • Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.


    What has changed?

    [New - Raid Valakus] The Valakus Raid is already available (the Raid seal will be dropped by killing Shadows of Valakus or Valakus Eggs with a % obtaining).

    [New - Going deep in volcano] You can now access new volcano zones to face fearsome enemies.

    [New - Equip yourself to face all in volcano] New stores to craft all the equipment of volcano.

    Note: All the information of the novelties can be found in the following post.

    [Change - Swirl time] Now in the Swirl minigame you will only receive Gold Acorns if there are at least 3 people at the start.

    Your Eastmile Team.


  • History

    As some of you have already known for a couple of weeks, the volcano returned to activity after a long time, first Lord Draco woke up and unleashed his anger in the outer caverns, after we had information that Kertos had appeared, the Demon Dog.

    But that did not stay that way, the volcano has erupted and new areas are being opened to explore, meet with the magicians of the fire and the explorers of the surroundings and they will give you missions to be able to advance in this ardent place.

    In the depths has been sighted a very powerful new enemy that seems to have some relationship with an old enemy that hit the lands of Eastmile and that originated in the heart of the volcano, this new enemy is Valakus the King of Fire, it will be necessary to have Be careful with him and his cubs.

    From now on you can face the fearsome Kertos or Valakus performing the fast-paced Raid or access the new volcano areas and go directly into their cave with or without help to face them.

    In these new areas you can also find fire wizards that will help you make the equipment to survive in volcano and also sell useful items such as amulets and potions.