Patch 5.2.3 Alpha

  • Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.

    What has changed?

    [New - Raid Grenigas] The Grenigas Raid is now available. The seal of the Raid will be achieved by crafting it with 1 left and 1 right "part", from the chests of Raid Kertos and Vakalus or killing the shadow Grenigas. To craft it you will have to talk to the "Priestess" at the Volcano Gate.

    [New - El calor sofocante del volcán] New areas discovered in the volcano to explore and defeat fearsome enemies. More information in the next post.

    [New - Time-Space Band of Thieves] We have created a new Time-Space of the Band of Thieves. Now the story will be composed of two Time-Space and you can do it 5 times a day each one of them. (To do the second one it will be necessary to do the first one and get the emblem of the Gang of thieves).

    [New - Kliff] Now you can get Kliff as a partner doing the hidden Time-Space of this partner, to get it you will have to get to the Stone of Time-Space that Kliff will give you in exchange for a key (This is in the Secret Room on the first floor of the Fernon Temple).

    [Change - "Swirls" Minigame Schedule] Now you can join the Swirl minigame every 2 hours. It will appears 1 hour later after IB.

    Your Eastmile Team.


  • History

    Last news, the volcano has finally reached its highest point of eruption, all areas and caves have been uncovered.

    The explorers have finally been able to get to the heart of the volcano and have met that fearsome enemy that we mentioned when Valakus, King of Fire appeared. Deep in the volcano awaits Grenigas, the God of Fire, protector of the Sword of Fire, this fearsome God of ancestral times has remained hidden for centuries but with the recent eruption has unleashed his insane power.

    Who will be the adventurer who dares to face him and his faithful partner Grail, the Giant Phoenix? It will be necessary a great power, it is time to equip with the best weapons and armor to survive in volcano and end the growing threat.