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    Become a master of shades, send Caligor back to darkness and save the world from falling!

    A new threat lurks the lands of Eastmile. Myrmidons of the shadows are making ready for the arrival of Caligor, The Golden Titan. Stop him! Otherwise he will tear apart everything you tresure. Now is the time to return to the frozen lands of Glacernon and enter new icy badlands to face the dark side. Fight the darkness and defeat your enemies as a Seer, Demon Hunter or Demon Slayer.

    The rift located in the top of the Bitoren Tundra is open wide after a slowly but steady thaw, caused by the storm that once whipped Glacerus, and heads to the entrance of an Unknown Land, where new enemies from the darkness await you to cut your path, willing to let Caligor retrieve all the power.

    Caligor, The Golden Titan is a frightening for who comes from the deepest darkness and is ready to end it all and submit our world in the shadows for all the eternity. Be careful with this monster! He's huge, extremely powerful and gains his power from the dark side; the darkness and the fear of our hearts, and from everywhere in our world, feed him to make him stronger.

    We are still unsure of the potential threat it can be, but it seems it has something to be with the volcano and the curse of the Blazing Sword. A misterious traveler appeared and destroyed the outer seal of the Blazing Sword, he was the one who brought the eternal flames of the Fire Gods in the past. The Fire Heroes and the ancient people from the Blazing Sword's temple could witness how this traveler passed away consumed by flames, however recent news say that creatures from another world just came and also that his soul did never reach heaven. It seems it could have been taken by the shadows that are now threatening Glacernon with the arrival of Caligor.

    Some rumors reached us saying that he has been found in new and unknown lands of Glacernon (we're not totally sure about the veracity of those rumors but they seem to be trustworthy), so it is very possible for you to face the fearsome Mysterious Traveler who survived the attack in the Region of the Blazing Sword (Act 5.2), stuck again in something murky. We do not know yet the exact way he managed to survive nor how he became so powerful, and decided to submit to the will of darkness. Watch out with him!

    We suspect that he made some kind of a pact with the evil forces or sold his soul to the demon or a superior being, so the destruction of the seal that kept sleeping the power of fire was part of that pact, and now he became a loyal servant of the darkness aswell as new forces we don't understand yet. He's probably related to a bunch more of dangerous things that threaten our world and might even be interwined with previous events like the awakening of the dragons, the frozen brothers and even the time portals to other dimensions.

    But it is not all about bad news, with the imminent arrival of Caligor, The Golden Titan, some reinforcements from another world have showed aswell to support us in angelic and demonic ways towards the crucial battle against Caligor.

    Raid Caligor Process

    As in the common stages of Glacernon, you will fight divided by Angel and Demon teams. The main objective is to defeat Caligor, The Golden Titan. If his HP decreases from a fixed amount, the portal will lock. If you die, you will restart from the same spot of the Raid.

    Opening Schedule

    The Raid will open for 1h each Saturday and Sunday at (16:00) and (20:00) CEST. (This is 4 times throughout the weekend).

    PS: We might manually open additional Raids during the Alpha testing according to the community feedback, also the schedule is subject to changes.


    • To access the Raid you must be at least at level 80.
    • If a team deals a minimum of 1% of damage more than the other team, they will be proclaimed as winners (and the other team as losers).
    • Unless the difference is at least 1% of damage, none will win and there won't be rewards.
    • If Caligor falls before the 20 minutes mark, the price for both teams will increase.
    • If the Raid is completed only by one team and there is noone from the other team, the reward will be the lower possible.
    • To apply for the reward the faction must have dealt at least 1% of damage to Caligor.
    • Regardless of the faction each character must deal 1000 damage to Caligor in order to receive the rewards.
    • In each Raid you will be assigned to the team with the least players to balance the battle and you will remain in that one until the end, thus your Glacernon faction has nothing to do with your Raid faction.
    • If you join the portal of your faction (in the lower part of the map) you will appear automatically in your team's area, in the Caligor's Realm, but upon leaving you will restart from the point where you left.
    • If you get in or out by the upper portal from your faction you will appear there aswell, and won't be redirected to your faction's safe area.
    • In order to get the rewards Caligor must have been defeated, if the Raid ends and Caligor remains alive no rewards will be given.
    • At the end of the Raid, each player will reappear in the revival area of their Citadel.
    • The battle between factions won't start until 30 seconds after Caligor's death, so before then players from different teams will not be able to kill eachother, and right after Caligor dies there will be a brief period of time for players to leave in case they don't feel like battling other players.
    • If this last event occurs, the battle will remain until the leftover time from the 60 minutes of the Raid's lenght has ended.

    (PROVISIONAL) Since the Raid is intented to be a massive battle between many players and there aren't that many active right now, Caligor will be nerfed and constantly balanced while the game continues its development and according to the feedback from the community.

    Cases Winning faction Losing faction
    Less than 20 minutes
    and 20% damage or more

    Caligor's Glowing Treasure Chest x1

    Caligor's Spirit x1

    Reputation: Character level x50

    Caligor's Treasure Chest x1

    Caligor's Spirit x1

    Reputation: Character level x25

    Less than 20 minutes
    and less than 20% damage

    Caligor's Regular Treasure Chest x1

    Caligor's Spirit x1

    Reputation: Character level x15

    More than 20 minutes
    and 20% damage or more

    Caligor's Treasure Chest x1

    Caligor's Spirit x1

    Reputation: Character level x35

    Caligor's Regular Treasure Chest x1

    Caligor's Spirit x1

    Reputation: Character level x15

    More than 20 minutes
    and less than 20% damage

    Caligor's Spirit x1

    Reputation: Character level x5

    100% damage

    Caligor's Spirit x1

    Reputation: Character level x5


    Greetings, Eastmile players.

    After hard work in this update and with the organization of what is coming soon, I am pleased to announce being one of the first (if not the first) to release the Raid Caligor as in the official server, but with a special esence of Eastmile.

    These days we will have some interesting events.

    1. From the day Saturday (January 19), just after the opening of the server after the patch, there will be a double experience and double reputation until Monday 21 at 23:59.
    2. On Sunday (January 20) the Eastmile team will organize several events to bring all the players together and take advantage of the experience and fame events that will be active throughout the day.

    All of us have been players and we understand that there are certain things that can be solved so that there are more happy people. So we have decided that there is no PVP mode while Caligor is alive. This way if someone wants to get their rewards, you can get it and kill the Caligor. The PVP mode will be activated after 30 seconds (for more information you can check the post below). This is just one of the changes to the balance of the game that we have made in this update.

    If you want to know everything new about this pache, you can click here -> Patch 5.6

    We hope you enjoy Eastmile.

    Your Eastmile Team.

    Saludos, jugadores de Eastmile.

    Tras duro trabajo en esta actualización y con la organización de lo que viene proximamente, me congratula anunciar ser uno de los primeros (si no el primero) en sacar publicamente el Raid Caligor como en el servidor Oficial, pero con un toque especial de Eastmile.

    Estos días contaremos con varios eventos.

    1. Desde el día Sabado (19 de Enero), justo después de la apertura del servidor tras el parche, habrá Evento de doble experiencia y doble reputación hasta el dia Lunes 21 a las 23:59.
    2. El día Domingo (20 de Enero) el equipo de Eastmile organizará varios eventos para juntar a todos los jugadores y aprovechar los eventos de experiencia y fama que habrá activos durante todo el día.

    Todos nosostros hemos sido jugadores y entendemos que hay ciertas cosas que se pueden solucionar para que haya más gente contenta. Asi que hemos decidido que no haya modo PVP mientras Caligor esté vivo. De esta manera si alguien quiere conseguir sus premios, podrá conseguirlo y al matar al Caligor. Se activará el modo PVP pasados 30 segundos (para más información podéis revisar el post de abajo). Este es solo uno de los cambios sobre balance del juego que hemos hecho en esta actualización.

    Si queréis saber todo lo nuevo de este pache, podéis clicar aquí -> Parche 5.6

    Esperemos que disfruteis de Eastmile.

    Vuestro equipo de Eastmile.

    Hello players,

    We have decided to wait long enough for this patch for the amount of added content.

    Without a doubt this is an important patch and after hard work and talking in detail every change, we bring you this new update.

    What changed?

    [Bugfix] We have fixed a bug with the "Kukukeen" debuff.

    [Bugfix] Fixed some skill problems with SP7.

    [Bugfix] Error that took you to an area that you can not walk sometimes with the teleport to the path of Grenigas from the Priestess at the volcano gate.

    [Bugfix] We fixed a problem that prevented getting the reward of the last boss of the heroic time-space.

    [Bugfix] Fixed the problem that sometimes caused the "Crusader" to automatically using first skill after using others.

    [Bugfix] Now the monsters will no longer keep the follow-up fixed on a character, if it goes too far, becomes invisible, dies or spends a lot of time without being able to reach it, they will lose it.

    [Bugfix] Now in the general maps you will no longer be followed by all the hostile enemies without limit, they will only take agro 5 per entity.

    [Change - Swirl's Ocean Event] The rewards of this event will suffer the following changes:

    From now on the gold acorns will be bronze acorns.

    If you survive the fifth round: Event coupon x1

    If you survive from round 1 to 8: Acorn x (number of the round)

    Example: Round 1 - 1 Acorn, Round 2 - 2 Acorns, etc...

    If you survive from round 9 to 12: Acorn bronze x1

    If you survive from round 13: Acorn bronze x2

    Note: The system will follow that the last 3 will gain 5 acorns; the third will win 1 bronze acorn, the second 2, and the first 3, and to qualify for that possibility, a minimum of 4 participants will be necessary.

    [Change - Transformation of acorns] Since gold acorns will now be bronze ones, users who have gold acorns after maintenance will have been exchanged for bronze acorns.

    [Change - Balance of acorns] Since the system of acquiring acorns will change slightly, the shop of crafting with acorns will also be changed.

    [Change - WorldBoss and Swirl's Ocean Schedules] From now on, these two events will open half the time per day to be more productive.

    [Change - WorldBoss Up!] The rewards of the WorldBoss have been updated and now each one has certain peculiarities, they have also been changed and added some new boss.

    [New - Utility store] New crafting shop in Nosville through event coupons. (These can be achieved by doing activities such as WorldBosses, Swirl's Ocean Game or others).

    [New - Continuous bonus in Nosville] From now on you will get a reputation for being in NosVille. Now playing is always a win!

    [New - Unknown Land] The Unknown Land map is already available in Glacernon where you can face new enemies like the Mysterious Traveler. (+ Info in the next post)

    [New - SP7 is here!] The second dark specialist is now available with the original system (Caligor). (+ Info in the next post)

    [New - Raid Caligooooooooooor] From now on the Raid of Caligor is available, the golden titan. (+ Info in the next post).

    [New - Multicient] Now you can open several games from our launcher.

    [Double Exp and Double famous!] Double experience and double reputation event is already activated, for more information click here -> Double Experience - Fame.

    [The key goes away from the Simpsons - Less HTS and Heroics] From this moment the keys to perform the Heroic TS and the Partner TS will not be necessary, therefore they will be eliminated from the inventory and the Hidden TS of 70 and will no longer be They will receive when connecting daily.

    [Cya babe - Eastore says goodbye] We say goodbye to Nube and his Eastmall store, we hope it goes well wherever he goes. Soon there will be news about the donation system.

    [The END - Christmas Event] The Christmas event has come to an end. All event objects will be deleted (list below), the access to the event maps will disappear and Nosville and Port Alveus will return to normal.

    List of Christmas event objects that will be deleted:

    Special gift box of Santa Claus, Christmas toy, New Year's toy, Golden H, A, P, Y. Normal: N, E, W, Y, A, R. Happy New Year Golden Box, 1622, Chocolate Cake, Fresh Cream Cake, Rudolph's Pet Trainer, Christmas Gift Box, Pyjama Upgrade Scroll, Santa's Blessing, Rudolph's Blessing, Christmas Blessing, Mysterious Bell Bag, Christmas Costume Box , Magic wool, Magical Knitting Needle, Ice Costume Scroll (Event), Golden bell, Silver bell, Bronze bell, Jingle Bell, Christmas Stocking, Small Christmas Box, Medium Christmas Box, Large Christmas Box, Movement Scroll (Event), Movement Scroll, Snowman Raid Seal, Sealed Christmas Vessel, Snowman jeweler, Eastmile Christmas gift box.

    Your Eastmile Team.

    Buenas gabarri1 independientemente del reporte de bug, me gustaría comunicarte que si has perdido opciones de la concha por un problema del servidor, mandes un ticket en caso de que quieras recuperarla. Ahí se te darán las pautas necesarias para hablar sobre el tema.

    Nada más, un saludo!


    Greetings community,

    This weeks there have been many players who have spent many days in the depths of the Volcano, strengthening and making inroads to explore every corner.

    Not long ago some explorers came across something, with a small lost branch of fire heroes, where some warriors still resided for a long time, self-supplying with as little as they could get of what the Volcano gave them. Authentic fire survivors.

    We thought they were extinct, but with the search for the original heroes of the fire that defeated Lord Draco, these ancient fire wizards decided to re-open the way to the hidden Temple of the Burning Sword.

    As you already know, that same volcano erupted some time ago, and many things appeared in consequence, but we also lost many of our soldiers who were in the front lane of exploration.....

    For what we know they survived thanks to one of the most robust warriors, endured with most of the blow, protecting their team-mates, even becoming for them a God.

    Now the warriors of fire pay homage to their soul that rests in the top part of the Temple. And not only do they pay tribute, but also the heroes of the fire now take charge of retaining the force that absorbed guarding the soul so that it does not break loose and destroy and disturb the lands of Eastmile again. High power spells keep the Temple safe, so much so that its spell allows all living beings to remain in the Temple lands without being burned by the Heat of the Burning Sword.

    Some of our troops have already instaled they selves there and get ready in case something happens. For all the intrepid adventurers you can rest in this area or use teleportation to go to other cities in the desert.


    Buenas comunidad,

    Últimamente han habido muchos jugadores que han pasado bastantes días en lo más profundo de Volcán, fortaleciéndose y haciendo incursiones para explorar cada rincón.

    Hace no mucho unos exploradores se toparon con algo, con una pequeña rama perdida de héroes del fuego, donde aun residían algunos guerreros desde hace mucho tiempo, autoabasteciendose con lo poco que podían de lo que el Volcán les daba. Auténticos supervivientes del fuego.

    Creíamos que se habían extinguido, pero con la búsqueda de los originales héroes del fuego que derrotaron a Lord Draco estos antiguos hechiceros del fuego decidieron reabrir la entrada al Templo oculto de la Espada Ardiente.

    Como ya sabréis, ese mismo Volcán entró en erupción tiempo atrás, y aparecieron muchas cosas en consecuencia, pero también perdimos a muchos de nuestros soldados que iban en primera fila de exploración.....

    Por lo que sabemos sobrevivieron gracias a que uno de los guerreros más robustos, aguantó con la mayor parte del golpe, protegiendo a sus compañeros, conviertiendose incluso para ellos en un Dios.

    Ahora los guerreros del fuego rinden homenaje a su alma que descansa en la zona superior del Templo. Y no solo rinden homenaje, si no que también los héroes del fuego ahora se encargan de retener la fuerza que absorbió custodiando el alma para que no se desate y vuelva a destruir y azotar las tierras de Eastmile. Hechizos de gran poder mantienen el Templo a salvo, tanto que su hechizo permite permanecer a todo ser vivo en las tierras del Templo sin quemarse por el Calor de la Espada Ardiente.

    Algunos de nuestras tropas ya se han instalado allí y se preparan por si algo ocurriese. Para todos los intrépidos aventureros podréis descansar en esta zona o usar el teletransporte para ir a otras ciudades del desierto.

    Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.


    What has changed?

    [Bugfix] The Polar Bear no longer gives the buff to the players (this was a bug).

    [Bugfix] Now you will receive the items of the missions and/or TS in parcel if you have full inventory.

    [Bugfix] You will no longer be able to take away the SP in any way if you have debuffs.

    [Bugfix] Now the Poseidon's "Giant Swirl" will not cancel "Song of the Sirens".

    [Bugfix] We fixed "Buddha Words" from the SP Monk.

    [Bugfix] We fixed "Release box pet".

    [Bugfix] We have fixed the % of debuffs that some Mobs can put on you, mainly afected in act 5.2.
    [Bugfix] Corrected and limited the "Blade Changer" combo Skill of the SP Seer.

    [Bugfix] Fixed the "Mind Sink" Skill of the Seer.

    [Bugfix] The buffs of the DH and the Monk are no longer accumulate or duplicate.

    [Bugfix] The "Increase damage to Low-level Monsters" effect of Rudi's blessing already works.
    [Bugfix] Now you can open all the Sealed Veasel in your Miniland.

    [Bugfix] The debuff of the "Heat of the Burning Sword" of the volcano will no longer ends after 1h.

    [Change- Time-Space rewards] We have changed the Time-Space rewards, they are now more balanced.

    [New - Chicken Raid] Available Raid Chicken, his Time-Space to get the seals, and a store to craft special items with the rewards (souls) of the Raid Chicken. We wanted to give this Raid a utility apart from just getting the SP, which is the only real purpose in the official Raid.

    [New - Citadel in Volcano] Nosville in Act 5.2? Recently we have found a portal that leads to a small Temple with some habitants that turn out to be ancient warriors of the exploration in the Volcano. It seems that they pay homage to a soul. For more information, click here.

    Your Eastmile Team.

    Hola jugadores,

    Os traemos las noticias de este nuevo parche. 

    ¿Qué ha cambiado?

    [Bugfix] El Oso Polar ya no da la bendición a los jugadores (esto era un fallo).

    [Bugfix] Ahora recibirás los items de las misiones y/o TS en paquetería si tienes el inventario lleno.

    [Bugfix] Ya no podrás quitarte la SP de ninguna manera si tienes debuffs.

    [Bugfix] Ahora la skill de juntar del Poseidón, no cancelará "Canto de Sirenas".

    [Bugfix] Hemos corregido "Palabras de Buddha" de la SP Monje.

    [Bugfix] Hemos corregido el item "Release box pet".

    [Bugfix] Hemos corregido el % de los debuff que pueden meter algunos Mobs, principalmente en Volcan (Acto 5.2).
    [Bugfix] Corregida y limitada la Skill de combo "Blade Changer" de la SP Vidente.

    [Bugfix] Corregida la Skill "Mind Sink" del Vidente.

    [Bugfix] Las bendis del DH y del Monje ya no se acumulan.

    [Bugfix] Ya funciona el efecto "Increase damage to Low-level Monsters" de la bendición de Rudi.
    [Bugfix] Ahora se pueden abrir todos los Vasos Sellados en tu minimundo.

    [Bugfix] El debuff del "Calor de la Espada Ardiente" de volcán ya no termina al pasar 1h.

    [Cambio - Premios de los TS] Hemos cambiado los premios de los Time-Space, ahora están más balanceados.

    [Nuevo - Raid Pollo] Disponible Raid Pollo, su TS para conseguir los sellos, y una tienda para craftear items especiales con los premios (almas) del Raid Pollo. Hemos querido darle una utilidad a este Raid aparte de simplemente conseguir la SP, la cual es la única finalidad real en el oficial de este Raid.

    [Nuevo - Ciudadela en Volcán] Recientemente hemos encontrado un portal que conduce a una pequeño Templo con algunos habitantes que resultan ser antiguos guerreros de la exploración en el Volcan. Parece ser que rinden homenaje a un alma. Para más información, pincha aquí. 

    Vuestro equipo de Eastmile.

    Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.

    What has changed?

    [Bugfix] Fixed problems with basic attacks without SP of the Archer and Mage class.

    [Bugfix] Fixed effect of buffs/debuffs and equipments of percentage damage with x probability.

    [Bugfix] Fixed bugs with the reduction of cooldown and with the cooldown itself of the skills.

    [Bugfix] Now the skills that produce "Charge" (like Assassin, Blade, etc ...) will reach the maximum of 7k, never higher.

    [Bugfix] We fixed the debuff "Cut", did not reduce enemy MP.

    [Bugfix] We fixed the passives of the Jellys.

    [Bugfix] We fixed the bug of bleedings or debuffs that lowered HP infinitely.
    [Bugfix] Fixed the bug that you could walk through a stun or frozen.

    [Bugfix] Now if you are in a Raid you can not join the IceBreaker.

    [Bugfix] The icons of Ancelloan, Guardian Angel, Soul Gem and the information of runes, tarots, etc, are no longer shown in the information of the other characters, now you will only see them.

    [Bugfix] You can now hit the meteorite fragment again (necessary for the jajamaru's mission).

    [Bugfix] Glacernon's guardians are immortal again.

    [Bugfix] You can now buy the family store at level 2 of the family.

    [Bugfix] The Scout smoke skill no longer reactivates ibrahim's defense buff.

    [Bugfix] Fixed the problem that sometimes the Draco stayed flying and did not fall.

    [Bugfix] Now your pet will sit down to rest while you have a snack together.

    [Bugfix] Fixed event cakes, which did not heal your HP properly.

    [Bugfix] Fixed bug limit of items published in Nosbazar.

    [Bugfix] Now the Wound Leg debuff already reduces 50% of the speed.

    [Bugfix] Now the Frozen Shield of the ice wizard already reduces the damage against monsters.

    [Bugfix] Fixed the bug that did not get the special sp out of the TS of the mission of the amulet Glacerus to have active debuffs.

    [Bugfix] Fixed the bug that kept you from getting Draco's amulet if you were more than level 90.

    [New - Sandboxie] Now you can have 2 accounts connected simultaneously. Read the rules of the Game for more information: General Game Rules

    [Change - Extra Virgin Olive Oil x2] Now the daily mission of Oils in Priestess (that of flowers of Ice) will give double of Oils for Volcano (Before 10, now 20).

    [New - Farmea items without worrying about not having equipment!] We have added a new channel (Channel 4) where experience will be disabled so you can focus on getting Items depending on the area, so there are no problems with the difference of level .

    In this channel you can only access events such as I.B., LOD and IceBreaker. The rest of events will take place in their right channels.

    Your Eastmile Team.

    Hola jugadores,

    Os traemos las noticias de este nuevo parche. 

    ¿Qué ha cambiado?

    [Bugfix] Arreglados problemas relacionados con ataques básicos sin SP de la clase Arquero y Mago (cuerpo a cuerpo).

    [Bugfix] Arreglado efecto de buffs/debuffs y equipamientos de daño porcentual con x probabilidad.

    [Bugfix] Arreglado fallos con la reducción de enfriamiento y con el enfriamiento en si de las skills.

    [Bugfix] Ahora las skills que producen "carga" (Asesino, Blade, etc...) llegarán al máximo de 7k, nunca a más.

    [Bugfix] Hemos corregido el debuff "Cortar", no bajaba MP.

    [Bugfix] Hemos corregido las pasivas de los Jellys.

    [Bugfix] Hemos corregido el bug de hemorragias o debuffs que bajaban HP infinitamente.
    [Bugfix] Corregido el bug de que podías moverte stuneado/helado.

    [Bugfix] Ahora si estas en un Raid no puedes unirte al IceBreaker.

    [Bugfix] Los iconos de Ancelloan, Guardián Ángel, de la Gema del Alma y el de información de runas, tarots, etc, ya no se muestra en la información de los otros personajes, ahora solo los verás tu.

    [Bugfix] Ya se le puede pegar de nuevo al fragmento de meteorito (necesario para la misión del jajamaru).

    [Bugfix] Los guardianes de Glacernon ya vuelven a ser inmortales.

    [Bugfix] Ya se puede comprar el almacén familiar al nivel 2 de la familia.

    [Bugfix] La skill del humo del espía ya no vuelve a activar el buff de defensa del ibrahim.

    [Bugfix] Solucionado el problema que a veces el Draco se quedaba volando y no caía.

    [Bugfix] Ahora tu pet se sentará a descansar mientras tomáis un aperitivo juntos (Bug Pet.).

    [Bugfix] Arregladas las tartas de eventos, que no curaban bien el HP.

    [Bugfix] Arreglado el bug de limite de items publicados en Nosbazar.

    [Bugfix] Ahora el debuff Pierna Herida ya reduce el 50% de la velocidad.

    [Bugfix] Ahora el escudo de hielo del mago de hielo ya reduce el daño contra monstruos.

    [Bugfix] Arreglado el bug que no te sacaba la sp especial al salir del TS de la misión del amuleto Glacerus al tener debuffs activos.

    [Bugfix] Arreglado el bug que impedía sacarte el amuleto de Draco si eras más del nivel 90.

    [Nuevo - Sandboxie] Ahora podrás tener 2 cuentas conectadas simultaneamente. Leer las normas del Juego para más información: Normas del Juego.

    [Cambio - Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra x2] Ahora la misión diaria de Aceites en Sacerdotisa (la de flores de Hielo) dará el doble de Aceites para Volcán (Antes 10, ahora 20).

    [Nuevo - ¡Farmea items sin preocuparte de no tener equipo!] Hemos añadido un nuevo canal (Canal 4) donde no se ganará experiencia para que podáis centraros en conseguir Items dependiendo de la zona, para que no haya problemas con la diferencia de nivel.

    En este canal solo se podrá acceder eventos tales como CI, LOD e IceBreaker. El resto de eventos tendrán lugar en sus canales correspondientes.

    Vuestro equipo de Eastmile.

    Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.

    What has changed?

    [Bugfix] Daily chest. From now on you will receive it every 24 hours, it will not reset at 00:00.

    [Change - LoD] We have changed the LoD schedules. You can see them here LoD new Schedule.

    [Change - Eastmall] We have updated items from the Nosville Eastore. You can see the prices and the items that are in this thread -> Eastmall (Donations).


    [Change - Spawn WorldBosses] Now at the end of a WorldBoss, if you wait for 30 seconds, you will appear in Nosville.

    [Christmas Event] Will be available until the 19th (Saturday) of January 2019.

    Snowman Raid:

    Christmas maps to face Christmas monsters, in these maps the damage is percentage, so any character will have the same chances of defeating the enemies and get Christmas items as well as cakes, letters, etc. You can also find special enemies that will be harder to defeat than they will take in respawnear and there will be the possibility of releasing some boxes of Christmas gifts.

    The drops of Christmas items are active in all maps, but on Christmas maps it will be more easier to get them.

    Do the missions of the event daily talking to Eva Energy, Malcolm Mix, Soraya Style, Teodor Topp, Slugg or Santa Claus and get Christmas socks, to exchange for a box of Christmas gifts, or other Christmas gifts as Pyjama optimization scrolls , vehicle scrolls or a bag of bells.

    Talk to Santa Claus to get sealed glasses or seals of the Snowman Raid in exchange for chocolate or cream cakes and get many Christmas prizes.

    Santa Claus will also be able to build the magic sleigh vehicle with the red nose reindeer if you bring a magic sleigh and the red nose reindeer pet.

    From the sealed glasses you can get Christmas monsters that will be captured with gold, silver and bronze bells, these monsters to defeat them can also release Christmas items such as cakes even a box of gifts.

    Some Christmas pets that you can get will also give you a box of Christmas gifts daily if you have them in your team for an hour.

    Another way to get Raid Seals is also taking with you the Snowman pet, every hour will give you 1 seal.

    On the other hand is the collection of letters to form the word HAPPY and New Year, these can be exchanged for boxes of New Year in Mimi Mentor where you can leave very interesting objects such as pet food, costumes, partner medicines, baskets, backpacks , protection scrolls, a gigantic warehouse or even the New Year's pig and the happy mouse as a pet and many more.

    From Eastmile, we wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Your Eastmile Team.

    Hola jugadores,

    Os traemos las noticias de este nuevo parche. 

    ¿Qué ha cambiado?

    [Bugfix] Cofre diario. A partir de ahora lo recibiréis cada 24 horas, no se reseteará a las 00:00.

    [Cambio - LoD] Hemos cambiado los horarios de LoD. Podéis verlos aqui Horarios de LoD .

    [Cambio - Eastmall] Hemos actualizado los items de la tienda de Eastmall de Nosville. Puedes ver los precios y los items que hay en este hilo -> Eastmall (Donaciones).


    [Cambio - Spawn WorldBosses] Ahora al terminar un WorldBoss, si esperas los 30 segundos, aparecerás en Nosville.

    [Evento de Navidad] Estará disponible hasta el día 19 (Sábado) de Enero de 2019.

    Raid del muñeco de nieve:

    Mapas de Navidad para enfrentarse a monstruos navideños, en estos mapas el daño es porcentual, y por tanto cualquier personaje tendrá las mismas posibilidades de derrotar a los enemigos y conseguir items de navidad así como tartas, letras, etc. Tambien se pueden encontrar enemigos especiales que será más dificil derrotar que tardarán en respawnear y habrá la posibilidad de que os suelten algunas cajas de regalos de Navidad.

    Los drops de items de navidad están activos en todo el juego, pero en los mapas de navidad será relativamente más facil de conseguirlos.

    Realiza diariamente las misiones del evento hablando con Eva Energy, Malcolm Mix, Soraya Style, Teodor Topp, Slugg o Santa Claus y consigue calcetines de Navidad, para intercambiar por una Caja de regalos de Navidad, o otros regalos navideños como pergaminos de optimización del pijama, pergaminos del desplazamiento o una bolsa de campanillas.

    Habla con Santa Claus para conseguir vasos sellados o sellos del Raid del muñeco de nieve a cambio de tartas de chocolate o crema y consigue muchos premios de navidad.

    Santa Claus también os podrá construir el vehiculo del trineo mágico con el reno de la nariz roja si traeis un trineo mágico y a la mascota del reno de la nariz roja.

    De los vasos sellados os podrán salir monstruos de navidad que serán capturables con las campanas de oro, plata y bronce, estos monstruos al derrotarlos tambien os podrán soltar items de navidad como tartas incluso alguna caja de regalos.

    Algunas mascotas navideñas que podreis conseguir tambien os darán una Caja de regalos de Navidad diariamente si os acompaña durante una hora.

    Otra forma de conseguir sellos del raid tambien es llevando con vosotros al muñeco de nieve, cada hora os entregará 1 sello.

    Por otra parte se encuentra la recolección de letras para formar la palabra HAPPY y New Year, estas podréis intercambiarlas por cajas de Año Nuevo en Mimi Mentor donde os podrán salir objetos muy interesantes como alimentos de mascota, disfraces, medicinas del compañero, cestas, mochilas, pergaminos de protección, un almacén gigantesco o incluso el cerdo de año nuevo y el ratón feliz como mascota y muchos más.

    Desde Eastmile queremos desearos, unas feliz Navidad, Felices Fiestas y Feliz Año Nuevo.

    Vuestro equipo de Eastmile.


    Our world is again in danger, we did not have enough with the awakening of the volcano that a new threat looms over Eastmile, we still do not know what its origin is but those that once were zones to past our skills exclusively today have been transformed into unstable portals Space-time.

    In different places of Eastmile are opening portals to other areas with fearsome enemies that we already know, we have no idea why, or when or where they can open, what we do know is that if something has taught us the story is that if not we fight this can go further, but it can be very dangerous to enter these unstable portals, only the strongest warriors will dare to cross the portal and face the enemies that await them beyond.

    How the WorldBoss system works

    These portals open in random areas and also at unexpected moments exclusively on channel 1, you have to defeat the bosses that are inside. Once it reaches half life the portal closes and no one else can enter, and by getting it defeated it will give you a reward and the space-time zone will be closed sending all the players inside and outside the game. The only way to revive within these areas is with reputation.

    But these portals do not remain open forever, approximately after 20 minutes if the boss has not died the portal will also be completely closed and if there is a player inside it will be expelled out.

    Note: In the only maps that can appear the portals are in large general maps such as Nosville, Port Alveus, Nosville Meadows, Sunny Meadows, Mine Plains, Western Krem, Eastern Krem, Peak of Mt. Krem, Maple Woods and Fir Forest . Therefore in other closed maps such as the temple and the caves will not appear.

    Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.

    What has changed?

    [Bugfix] Fixed problems related to volcano debuff and oils (if you find more you can report them).

    [Bugfix] Added buff of remaining attempts for protection amulets.

    [Bugfix] Fixed bug related to SP6 spy poisons.

    [Bugfix] Now when reflecting a skill, you will also see the effect when bouncing.

    [Bugfix] We fixed the Runes time. It will not be infinite anymore.

    [Change - Arena of Talents (AOT)] From now on they will be on Channel 3.

    [Change - Glacernon Quality Boxes] From now on, the Glace raids Boxes' will not come out below rarify 4 (Excellent).

    [Change - Improved Ross Hisrant Raid] The Ross Hisrant Raid has been modified and now there will only be two rooms, the miniboss Mukrajuwill appear to face her now in the first room after making the first objectives.

    [New - Training] Training monsters have appeared in "Sunny Meadows" to improve our skills and get wood.

    [New - Legendary Hunter] Added the NPC in Port Alveus that will allow you to carry out some missions to complete high level raids in exchange for experience and items of volcano manufacture.

    [New - WorldBosses] Huge and strong monsters will appear randomly by general maps, which you can fight by entering through a space-time portal. Prepare, because hard battles come constant. More information in the following post.

    [N..ew.... - S ...hh$..#aaa#...o''¡¡-.-.1wwww0'¨*s2] From now you can get .ñ,12l1ñp y0oier n.eqs,, sp`p12`0list!!!¡¿?¿.




    We'll see you soon Eastmile players.
    In your worst nightmares.

    Your Eas---¡?¿¿¿?!!*^´+---666DH999-----.-.-.12§§§§♣♣♣○612¨*

    Hola jugadores,

    Os traemos las noticias de este nuevo parche. 

    ¿Qué ha cambiado?

    [Bugfix] Arreglados problemas relacionados con el debuff de volcán y los aceites (si encontrais más podéis reportarlos).

    [Bugfix] Añadido buff de intentos restantes para los amuletos de protección.

    [Bugfix] Arreglado fallos relacionados con los venenos de la SP6 Espía.

    [Bugfix] Ahora al reflejar una habilidad, también se verá el efecto al rebotar.

    [Bugfix] Hemos corregido los fallos de tiempos con las Runas. Ya no serán infinitas.

    [Cambio - Mudanza de Arena de Talentos] A partir de ahora serán en Canal 3.

    [Cambio - Utilidad Joyeros Glacernon] A partir de ahora no saldrán Joyeros en los Raids de Glace por debajo de Calidad 4 (Excelente).

    [Cambio - Mejora Raid Ross Hisrant] El Raid de Ross Hisrant ha sido modificado y ahora solo habrá dos salas, el miniboss Mukraju aparecerá para enfrentarse ahora en la primera sala después de realizar los primeros objetivos.

    [Nuevo - Entrenamiento] Han aparecido en Prados Soleados criaturas de entrenamiento para mejorar nuestra destreza y conseguir madera.

    [Nuevo - Cazador legendario] Añadido el NPC en Port Alveus que os permitirá realizar diariamente algunas misiones de completar raids de alto nivel a cambio de experiencia e items de fabricación de volcán.

    [Nuevo - WorldBosses] Enormes y fuertes monstruos aparecerán aleatoriamente por mapas generales, los cuales podréis combatir entrando por un portal espacio-temporal. Preparaos, porque se vienen constantes duras batallas. Más información en el siguiente post.

    [N..vo espec....l..i...a... - T..%..i..$$..#e#.¿?··!¨*s2] A partir de ahora podré-. --*¨´¡1 la ``+a nu+e´wsd esp```1s1-,.al´+s`-.a.




    Nos veremos proximamente jugadores de Eastmile.

    En vuestras peores pesadillas.

    Vuestro equ---¡?¿¿¿?!!*^´+---666DH999-----.-.-.12§§§§♣♣♣○612¨*


    Last news, the volcano has finally reached its highest point of eruption, all areas and caves have been uncovered.

    The explorers have finally been able to get to the heart of the volcano and have met that fearsome enemy that we mentioned when Valakus, King of Fire appeared. Deep in the volcano awaits Grenigas, the God of Fire, protector of the Sword of Fire, this fearsome God of ancestral times has remained hidden for centuries but with the recent eruption has unleashed his insane power.

    Who will be the adventurer who dares to face him and his faithful partner Grail, the Giant Phoenix? It will be necessary a great power, it is time to equip with the best weapons and armor to survive in volcano and end the growing threat.

    Hello players,

    We bring you the news of this new patch.

    What has changed?

    [New - Raid Grenigas] The Grenigas Raid is now available. The seal of the Raid will be achieved by crafting it with 1 left and 1 right "part", from the chests of Raid Kertos and Vakalus or killing the shadow Grenigas. To craft it you will have to talk to the "Priestess" at the Volcano Gate.

    [New - El calor sofocante del volcán] New areas discovered in the volcano to explore and defeat fearsome enemies. More information in the next post.

    [New - Time-Space Band of Thieves] We have created a new Time-Space of the Band of Thieves. Now the story will be composed of two Time-Space and you can do it 5 times a day each one of them. (To do the second one it will be necessary to do the first one and get the emblem of the Gang of thieves).

    [New - Kliff] Now you can get Kliff as a partner doing the hidden Time-Space of this partner, to get it you will have to get to the Stone of Time-Space that Kliff will give you in exchange for a key (This is in the Secret Room on the first floor of the Fernon Temple).

    [Change - "Swirls" Minigame Schedule] Now you can join the Swirl minigame every 2 hours. It will appears 1 hour later after IB.

    Your Eastmile Team.