General Game Rules



  • The nicknames of the players, pets, family or shops that will be ofensive, racist, vulgar, radical, harassing, homophobic, religious, political, right-wing extremism, pornographic, or which refer to issues or activities contrary to the law or to any type of illegal activity, references or information about cheating, hacks, bots or similar matters, or that will be damage anyone sensibility's person, whatever their nature, they are forbidden. The Team will can change it, block the corresponding accounts or deleting it without a previous warning.
  • The player's nicknames, pets, families or shops musn't have a reference about a Eastmile player with a ofensive, harassing or despective intentions.
  • The without sense name of the shops like "asdf" that are confusing or misleading, with the intentions to defraud, that pretend to disturb or with "trolling" intentions, aren't allowed and will be cause sanctions without a previous warning.
  • The aditions to the nicknames like Partner, TESTER, MOD, GM, GA, CM, PM, DEV tags aren't allowed.
  • The name of the shops only be allowed in english.
  • Any nickname, either from player, pet, family or shop must be respected. In case with a rules incumpliment must be reported, but never disrespect. Changing the name of any of the above will not be permitted regardless of the reason.
  • The player's nicknames or families that containing asiatic characters or blank spots using ASCII are forbidden. Characters could be eliminated and families forced to rename themselves.


  • Please, be grateful, deals with respect and comport with education before others players and Team members, and don't insult or bother them. Any violent, threatening or ofensive behavior, the disrespects, racketeering, mockeries, intimidation, extortion, drugs references, radical policy or vulgar it's strictly forbidden and can be sancionated.
  • It's strictly forbbiden request some charge to the Team members. Example: "Give me GM i'm good and active :v", "hi, i want to be asist or gm on this server. I like this server very much". It's forbidden request for any object, level up, profession, family, group, etc. Neither will it be allowed to try to annoy or have an attitude with intentions of "trolling" to any member of the Team while they're doing they work either in the game or in the rest of attention channels, this includes also during the realization of an event with the community.
  • The continuous using of spam, send the same message several times, or flood; inundating the chat, speak in a language that isn't allowed, insult, defame, publicly accusing, advertising or any other type of conduct that may be annoying could end up with a sanction.
  • Public accusations through any community channel are strictly forbidden, whether they're true or not. If an illegal act has been committed, it must be reported through the support system with the corresponding evidence, but in no case may other players be publicly accused in any way, as doing so may lead to sanctions corresponding to each case.
  • It's forbidden to force other players to do something they don't want to do or to scold them or incite them to do it, regardless of whether it's through racketeering or not. Users who have been involved in any way in this can also be sancionated.
  • Provocation of other players to annoy them, interfere with their game or cause problems isn't permitted and may result in sanctions for those involved and those who encourage others to do. In no case should respond to the provocations with more provocations, if you see any such attitude report it and the Team will take the measures it deems appropriate in each case, because if not done so could come to take action with those who didn't initiate the provocations and nobody wants that.
  • Isn't permitted discriminate against or accuse other players in any way, regardless of whether the accusations are true or not. In case of having evidences, report for the corresponding system to the Team.
  • The persecution and the harassment is totally forbidden. If harassment of a user or group of users is repeatedly found, it can lead to severe sanctions. Users who have been involved in any way in this may also be sanctioned. Harassment will be reviewed and ruled on by the Game Team. If you see attitudes that may be considered abuse, you must report it to the appropriate media.
  • It's strictly forbidden, and will be sanctioned, to impersonate another player or a member of the Team, for any reason whatsoever.
  • Isn't permitted the dissemination of personal information (even if it's public) like: passwords, account's names, social medias, photographies, links, mobile numbers, e-mails, names, lastnames or another delicate matter. The Team reserves the right to study and evaluate in detail any case individually and severe measures may be taken which may directly lead to a permanent exclusion from all services and platforms of Eastmile.
  • Don't laugh or make fun of anything, or try to take advantage of or trick players who start playing just because they don't know everything about the game. We were all new once. A advice: Try to help them.


  • Isn't allowed to level up in any way without being present, and without using the character yourself. You'll be sancionated the first time with a temporary ban, as it cannot be guaranteed that monsters will not attack and disturb other players: For example, place your pet/partner in places where they can get free experience while you are not playing Eastmile. (e.g. Pii Zone).
  • Invading a map that's a frequent level-in-up spot it's not allowed. The user must check that no one is in the place and after waiting for approximately 5 minutes, where no one appears, can be claimed by himself or his group.
    • In order to report a Map Theft, you'll have to take captures of everything. From when you enter the map, capture that there's no one in that area. Another capture after 5 minutes where you see that there's no one and you can say that the area is free. If you don't have these captures with the checks to report it, the Team will not be able to intervene.
  • Preference will be given to active groups on level-in-up maps, that means you are not allowed to save maps or stay on a spot claiming to be busy when you aren't actually playing actively.
    • In case that players are in a level-in-up zone only keeping it or giving touches only to occupy the zone and arrives a group or player who really wants to lure there, the Staff keeps the power to withdraw the right to be in that spot to the players who aren't active.
    • Only one area will be given up under the previous review by the Game Team. In no case can be the users who occupy the place on "their criteria" if in this already have.
  • It's forbbiden to act as a "leecher" (that is, to take advantage of the activity of others without contributing anything in return) or to be intentionally inactive during a game session.
  • While playing, you must be watchful to the game and chat, in order to respond to messages from Eastmile's Team. Note: Players who don't respond to Eastmile's Team members will be taken to the GMs office and checked to see if they respond there as well. If they don't, they'll be penalized.
  • The entries and exits of the portals must always be accessible. If you sit near a portal you may be kicked out of the server or more severe measures may be taken with those involved.
  • The individual arena, family arena and Glacernon maps are places of massive PvP, where it will not be considered abuse if you die repeatedly. If you don't want to be killed you can either be in the safe zone or directly leave the maps that their existence is precisely that. In case you are pursued through channels in their different arenas to kill you, that activity will be considered abuse and could even be considered harassment towards your character and therefore if it's reported they can be sancionated according to the severity of those involved.
    • It may also be considered abuse or harassment, as the case may be, if one or more players are being watched to call more players and pursue them or bother them in group every time they appear in one of these places repeatedly.
  • In the case of Glacernon, if takes advantage to reveal the place of a player so that people from another faction will deliberately kill him, it could also be considered dirty play and they will could be severely sanctioned, since that would be a breach of both the General Rules of the Game and those established in Glacernon's game mode.
  • It isn't allowed to organize contests or raffles with prizes in which participants have to contribute a quota (objects, gold, etc.). Such an act may lead to a penalty for all those involved or who have participated in it.
  • The Team will not be responsible for problems that arise in private competitions, unless it is a breach of the Rules, but the only people responsible for the problems that may arise are the players themselves who agree to participate.


  • It isn't allowed to trade in objects, gold or anything else illegally. Note: Trade between players must always be equitable to all parts, especially in the case of a low level player and a high level player must not be in favor of the higher level player.
  • Constant persecution and demands for items, money, etc. between players will be penalized. In case of breach of any deal directly you must report it so that the Team can take appropriate action, and musn't take the law into your own hands or it could lead to problems for yourself.
  • It isn't allowed to mislead when trading, pay special attention to the exchanges, since once both sides agree and there is an exchange of objects there isn't turning back.
  • The theft of items, gold and/or accounts will be sanctioned with a permanent lockout, also people who help in any way will be considered accomplices and may be penalized.
  • All contact with gold or account sellers is forbidden. This includes receiving and transferring merchandise and closing any type of trade agreement or that involves real money.
    • If you have a suspect that someone is a gold or account seller (e.g. due to an email request) you should report this person through the support system. If you don't do so, you may be banned from the game. You cannot report such a breach retroactively.
  • Accounts may not be transferred, sold, given, left, bought or given away under any circumstances. Failing to comply with this rule will result in a permanent ban on all those involved.
  • Any person who defrauds or commits fraud, as well as any person who helps or takes advantage of it, whether in a private negotiation (exchange) or of a public nature, including shops, will be penalized.
  • Asking for materials, money or anything else continuously from Team members can be penalized. Neither will it be allowed to harass anyone in this way in the game.
  • The Eastmile Team will not return items lost as a result of their own actions, for example in case of fraud.
  • It isn't allowed to trade and/or offer real money in exchange for account/items or services.
  • Trading with items from the donation system (Eastmall) isn't permitted, except for legal trade through exchange for gold (it isn't permitted to request/offer EastCoins in exchange for gold or services).


"Dirty game" - those actions that ruin or interfere in any way with other players' play aren't allowed and will be severely sancionated, for example:

  • Carrying monsters to another area to kill or annoy other players.
  • Deliberately stealing deaths or monsters from other players.
  • Deliberately move or hide monsters in another area of the map to annoy or complicate the playability of other players.
  • Throw items to the ground that complicate movement on a map or to cause another player's screen to be blocked directly.
  • Intentionally interfering with activities such as: walking through a portal, talking to an NPC, shopping in a store, walking on a map, etc.
  • Use vehicle in the IceBreak with the only objective of disturbing or interrupting the game to the rest of the players.
  • Reveal the position of a player in Glacernon so that the other faction will deliberately kill him.
  • Other: Any situation that may disturb or make the game difficult for other people or that is considered dirty game by the Team.
  • It's up to the team to determine which behaviors can be considered dirty game. The Team reserves the right to decide, in each case, whether or not the actions taken are penalized after studying each one individually, as well as who is involved in it.


  • The official languages in all areas of the Eastmile community is English, you will not be able to communicate with another language other than through any general community chat.
  • Also, no language other than English may be used to interact with or exclude players who don't understand this language from any chat.
  • Be careful how you express yourself. Any language that is vulgar or of an offensive nature, whether for social reasons, sex, religion, etc., or which may offend and hurt the sensibilities of any person even if not specifically directed against other players or even if censored, of whatever nature, may be penalized.
  • It's forbidden to send private conversations or talks without the consent of all parts, or give visibility to discussions or inappropriate content such as insults or others.
  • It's forbidden to send links through general chats that have nothing to see with Eastmile.
  • It's strictly forbidden to distribute any illegal material (e.g. audio, video, warez, serialz, crackz), porn, racism or other prohibited things on the server.
  • The announcement of external links to Eastmile, or of illegal character, or messages containing information about traps, keys, hacks, bots, cheats or similar programs, personal or private information, including illegal download sites, aren't allowed and will be penalized according to the severity of the same. In addition, all content must be appropriate for minors.
  • It's forbidden to advertise other sites or servers not belonging to Eastmile, "recruitment links", of other games or inappropriate sites, whatever their nature.
  • Links to for-profit, copyrighted pages and links for the purpose of advertising pages (e.g. pages for free premium) aren't allowed in the entire area of Eastmile.
  • Dissemination of links to the aforementioned contents will be sanctioned according to the seriousness of the matter. If you see such things, please report it immediately to the Team.
  • Messages that are offensive, racist, vulgar, radical, harassing, homophobic, religious, political, related to the extreme right, pornography or that refer to issues or activities contrary to the law or to any type of illegal activity, or that may hurt the sensitivity of any person, whatever their nature, are prohibited and may be sanctioned according to their seriousness.
  • Continued use of spam, sending the same message several times in a row, or flooding, inundating chat rooms with messages, speaking in a language that isn't allowed, insulting, defaming, publicly accusing, advertising or any other type of conduct that may be annoying could end up with a sanction.
  • Personal information (even if public) such as: passwords, account names, social networks, photographs, links, telephone number, e-mails, first names, surnames or any other circumstance that we may consider sensitive will not be allowed to be disseminated. The Team reserves the right to evaluate and study in detail each case individually and severe measures may be taken which may directly lead to a permanent exclusion from all Eastmile's services and platforms.
  • The announcement of external links to Eastmile, or of an illegal nature containing information about traps, hacks, bots, cheats or similar programs, personal or private information are not allowed and will be penalized according to the seriousness of the same.
  • It's forbidden to advertise other sites or servers that don't belong to Eastmile, whatever their nature.
  • All of the above sections include, but are not limited to, speakers, family chat, group chat, whispering, dialogue balloons, phrase of the day, presentations, notes and hero chat. Avoid such comments in chats that can be read by others you don't trust, as this could lead to a sanction.


  • It's strictly forbidden to threaten other players, or Team members.
  • The Team reserves the right to evaluate any type of threat in order to study each case individually in detail where the measure may result in a permanent exclusion from all services and platforms relating to Eastmile without any possibility of claim.


  • If you find a bug and use it to your advantage, or benefit from it indirectly, you risk receiving a permanent ban on all your accounts.
  • If you are aware that someone is taking advantage of a bug, report it, or you could be inadvertently involved.
  • Bugs or errors in the game should be reported to the Eastmile Team via the Bugs & Problems section of the Forum.
  • The Team will not be responsible for losses or problems caused by a bug if it was deliberately caused, whether or not it was to try to report it.
    • In case it happens to you and you have a problem, you must report it so that it can be solved, but don't try to provoke it because apart from having a problem with it, you will also risk being penalized for it.
  • In an extraordinary situation the Team could ask you to collaborate in finding the origin of the bug by causing it to be fixed, but in no case can this be done without the express request and supervision of a member of the Team, since as has been specified above doing so could lead to a direct sanction to all those who do so even if it's with good intentions.


  • Tampering in any way with the Eastmile client is strictly prohibited and would result in a permanent ban on all user accounts.
  • It's also forbidden to use the "Sandboxie" program or programs that allow you to open more than one account at a time, because as explained in the section of MultiAccounts these aren't allowed and will lead to a sanction to all related accounts.
  • The use or distribution of any software for Eastmile that hasn't been created or published by Eastmile will also result in a permanent ban.
  • It's forbidden to use programs that automate processes in the game. The use of bots, keyboard simulators and macro functions or any third party programs is also not allowed and will be penalized by a permanent account ban.
  • Using any program/application or script that allows your account to continue playing in automatic mode is prohibited and will result in an account ban.


  • Each player has the obligation to keep his account data secret. It isn't allowed to give such data to third persons. This includes (but is not limited to): Login or account name, account password, account email, etc. You risk having your account hacked, stolen, compromised or blocked.
  • It's not allowed to use disposable email addresses and unsecured email accounts, as they would compromise your account, or be blocked by the Team if they thought it was appropriate.
  • The Team shall not be liable for any damage caused by negligence. Those who don't maintain this rule will risk a permanent ban of their account.
  • It isn't allowed to give or ask for account information to other players. The breach of this rule will result in a permanent ban.
  • Don't insert your account details in pages outside Eastmile. You risk having your account stolen.
  • The Eastmile Team will NEVER ask you for details such as your password, so don't give it to anyone. Also don't include it in your support tickets, with your character name, or ID, if required, it's enough.


  • Team members have the following abbreviations before their name in the game: [TGM], [GM], [SGM], [GA], [TMOD], [MOD], [SMOD], [BA], [TM], [CM], [DEV], [PM]. Characters who don't use these abbreviations or use modified abbreviations aren't part of the Team. Additionally, their nick, and text when they chat, either publicly or privately, will be displayed in a distinctive color, and not like the rest of the players.
  • Team members cannot give away items, gold, eastcoins, etc. (except at special in-game events), so don't ask them. You will not be given additional levels either.
  • Please don't trade, don't invite a group or family or send friend requests to Team members.
  • Please use the Forum, Discord or the Support System if you're looking for help or have any questions. It's usually more complicated to get help directly in the game.
  • Claims for suspension (account blocking), or penalties (muting and penalizing) will only be dealt with via ticket with the Team member in charge.
  • Any of the instructions, decisions and sanctions of the Eastmile Team members must be respected and complied with. Don't disrespect, question or discuss the Team's decisions publicly, as this could lead to sanctions against those responsible and those who encourage them to do so, even if they don't do so directly. If you have a complaint about a wrong action, use the corresponding ways through the ticket system to deal with it.
  • If you have a complaint about a GM, go to an SGM. For complaints about the performance of a SGM, contact an GA. If after exhausting these avenues you have a complaint about a GM, you can extraordinarily go to the TM. The Project Manager should only be contacted as a last resort. This hierarchy should always be respected (if not, the manager will be redirected to the appropriate level).


  • During the events you'll have to follow the instructions of the Eastmile Team members. If you don't follow the instructions, you risk being excluded from the event, and in more serious cases sanctioned or expelled from the game.
  • Don't disturb, neither behave with "trolling" intentions towards the Team members in charge of the organization and execution of the event. Don't try to harm other players in any way, as this could be considered dirty game and action could be taken directly in the game by excluding those responsible from the event or receiving any kind of sanction.
  • It's strictly forbidden to request awards or rewards from the Team. If there are awards, they'll be announced at the time of the event. At all times it will be the members of the Team in charge who'll have the decision to take the appropriate measures and decide who the winners are, or if any award should be given.
  • Complaints should always be sent through the support system, e-mail or go to Discord and ask the appropiate Team member how to proceed (privately only), but never publicly.


  • Only ONE connected account per person is allowed. You can have secondary accounts (the "Sands" or warehouse accounts) but never more than one connected account simultaneously. In the event that one of a player's accounts receives a permanent ban, all of the player's accounts will be banned simultaneously.
  • NOTE: It's not allowed to play with more than ONE ACCOUNT at the same time, this implies the prohibition of any account for sandboxie/alter use.
  • You aren't allowed to share, sell, give away, give away or transfer any account.
  • If two or more accounts share a network or connection (thus playing under the same IP), please notify the Game Team through the ticket system, to avoid unnecessary penalties (it could happen that another person playing under your same connection receives a permanent ban and your account is then sanctioned as a multi-account of the previous one).
    • The data to be provided to the GM will be as follows:
      • Nicks of the characters who share IP.
      • Reason for sharing the IP (e.g., siblings, partner, etc.)
  • It's also recommended to notify the Game Team of the use of USB-type connections (or regular connections from public places) in case it is suspected that a connection can be shared with another person. (e.g., playing from a cyber cafe).
  • Notifications of IP-sharing and connection change after a sanction will not be taken into account, if you share IP with someone or connect in different places you should notify as soon as possible to avoid exposure to sanctions.
  • WARNING: In case there's some kind of illegal or suspicious activity there can be cases of permanent IP blocking by the Team, if you're playing on networks with other players who may commit some illegality and there's a blocking of IP you'll be affected too, that's why it's of vital importance that the Team is always informed of the sharing of connection with other players, or connecting to the game from different locations to avoid unnecessary permanent blocks and having to undertake a complaint process which can be lengthy as you have to force the Team to review all the information and you've to prove that you're a different person from the one who has had to be sanctioned in this way.


  • It's not allowed to publicly discuss any kind of sanction or Team decision.
  • All complaints will be dealt with exclusively through the ticket support system with the member of the Team in charge.
  • If after contacting the GM in charge of your case, you don't agree with a sanction, contact the responsible SGM or GA in it's default through the ticket system.
  • Please send all the necessary information to speed up the process.
  • If the complaint is about a sanction that's more than 3 months old, we'll not be able to take care of it since the case will already be filed and there'll be no way to attend or review it.
  • The sanction claim will only be dealt with by the person in charge of your case. To be able to raise the ticket to a higher level you must be honest with the Team, as well as exhaust the corresponding way.
  • During the claim the Team may ask you for data necessary to work the suspension.


  • Please send us one or more relevant screenshots of the game, or videos if you've them. The evidence (screenshots or videos) must be unedited (uncut, unedited, uncensored, etc). Videos should be in hidden or unlisted mode to avoid public viewing and to maintain the privacy of the report.
  • Images that haven't been taken directly as a complete capture of the game, that have been edited, cropped or modified in any way cannot be taken into account for reporting purposes.
    • To take a screenshot of the game is as simple as using the "Print screen" or "Print screen" key on the keyboard (there are also combinations of "Alt + Print screen", "fn + Print screen", or others, depending on the keyboard may vary and that everyone would have to find out exactly how to use that on their particular keyboard) and then go to the files where you've downloaded Eastmile and look for the images in the "GameCapture" folder.
  • Falsifying captures with the intent to misleading the Game Team is prohibited and will be severely penalized.
  • We cannot investigate captures that're more than 3 weeks old (except for extreme cases such as sexual harassment, racism, etc).


  • Items that're lost due to a trading fraud will only be restored in situations where the player has been responsible to the trade, has taken the proper precautions (asking for deposits, making sure the deal is fair, etc.) and yet the other player hasn't fulfilled all, or part, of the agreement. Necessary evidence (screenshots and/or unedited videos) will also be required to prove the breach.
  • It isn't the responsibility of the Team to reimburse items.
  • Items will only be returned if:
    • These were lost due to a bug or error in the game and weren't specifically caused by the player.
    • If you didn't receive items from the Donation System.
    • If you lost or deleted by accident a main mission object without which it's impossible to finish it.


  • The Game Team may transfer sanctions to the players in case of severe breaches of the rules in the Forum or Discord, and vice-versa, such as real-life threats, serious insults, strong slander, repeated offenses, public accusations, etc.


  • If you think someone is breaking the rules please contact a member of the Team. For us to be able to judge the situation you've to substantiate your report of the infraction by a screenshot of the game (of the entire interface) or a video that is useful to evaluate the situation correctly. The screenshots and videos cannot have been edited or manipulated in any way and the infringement cannot have occurred more than 3 weeks ago.
  • Cases will be analysed individually and appropriate measures will be taken for each case. The Team reserves, exclusively, the criteria to judge the scope of the infractions, as well as the necessary measures to be applied and the persons involved in them to a greater or lesser degree.
  • Each account must be used by only one person. Account sharing is prohibited. It isn't allowed to leave your account to others in any way, regardless of whether you tell them your account details or not, the only one who has the right to use the account is the owner of the account, any action taken with the account, whether the owner has done it or not, the only person responsible for the actions will be the owner and therefore will have to assume the corresponding consequences. The Team will not be responsible for any negligence or problem caused to the account.
  • In the case of Partners, clips, videos and/or direct on Eastmile may be used as evidence to report them if they don't comply with the rules in them, even if they don't do so directly within the game.
  • In the case of the Server Partners, they will be allowed to organize contests or raffles with prizes in which the participants have to contribute a quota (objects, gold, etc. but never being money or anything else external to the game). This exception applies because a Server Partner can easily demonstrate to both the team and the audience the legitimacy of the activity and that it is not a scam or attempt to scam players without fulfilling the promised deal. In any case, this does not exempt the fact that it must also be something fair and that it is not a scam where the deal is not complied with, otherwise the appropriate measures could also be taken with those involved.
  • If a situation arises that may harm the normal development of a content creation activity by the Partners and doesn't comply with the rules, although subsequent reporting is equally mandatory in order to take all corresponding measures after studying the case, the Team, if informed, may act so that the misconduct ceases at the time and the content activity can continue to be carried out, as would also happen at an event by the Team with the community.
  • Please note that the Eastmile Team reserves the right to block accounts or take other measures even if they haven't breached the rules described above.
  • Items can only be considered stolen if they're given through the exchange system, any object thrown on the floor, whatever the reason, is automatically considered a discarded item and no longer has an owner. Therefore, it cannot be claimed or considered in any case as a theft or a fraud. Tip: If you want to avoid losing an item, use the exchange system and don't risk losing it.
  • Playing Eastmile is a privilege, not a right. Therefore Team members can exclude users temporarily or permanently.
  • Ignorance of these rules doesn't exempt you from complying with them.


  • Breaking the rules may result in the following sanctions: warnings, banning from the server or blocking the account.
  • The sanction will depend on the seriousness of the infraction. The Team reserves the right to judge the severity of the breach.
  • Serious or repeated infringements in the game, on the Forum, on the Discord channel or on the help system could have consequences in other areas.
  • Depending on the severity of the infraction, the following measures will be taken:
    • Friendly advice to follow the rules of the game.
    • Severe talk.
    • Warning.
    • Expulsion of the server.
    • Penalization (Silence).
    • Blocking account.
    • Exclusion of the services.
  • Depending on the seriousness of the acts, the person sanctioned may receive any of the above-mentioned measures. It isn't necessary that it be in the order they've been mentioned.

Every user accepts with the registration of his account in the Eastmile Game the following rules as well as the sanctions that will be applied in case of noncompliance with them, therefore, the ignorance of these rules doesn't exempt anyone from their compliance. The Eastmile Team reserves the right to interpret and modify these rules at any time and to apply the appropriate sanctions, even without notice, in case of infringement (always depending on the seriousness of the breach). It's the users' obligation to keep up to date with any changes to these regulations.