Discord Rules



  • The continuous use of spam (sending the same message repeatedly) or flooding (to flood a channel with messages that make no sense), speak in a language that is not allowed, insult, defame, do publicity o any other behavior that can be annoying or detract from the chat function, could end up with an expulsion from the server or a greater measure.
  • You are expected to treat the staff and the server users with respect. If you feel that someone is harassing you, contact the team to report them privately.
  • Impersonate a staff member, either publically or privately, will be punished according to the severity of the case.
  • It is completely prohibited to send private messages to members of the team without a previous permission from them.
  • Direct mentions to a staff member should only be to contact them for a justified reason and always following the hierarchy established by the team, not to talk.


  • Nicknames that are offensive, racist, vulgar, radical, harassing, religious, political, and pornographic, or that make reference to any illegal activity or could hurt someone’s sensibility, whatever its nature, are prohibited and could end up in the expulsion from the server.
  • It is completely prohibited to use Eastmile’s staff members’ nicknames. It is not allowed to add the labels GM, GA, CM, etc. to your nickname. To do so entails a direct expulsion from the server.


  • It is strictly prohibited to distribute any illegal material (for example audios, videos, warez, serialz, crackz), porn, racism or other prohibited things on the server.
  • It is not allowed to publish links that are external to Eastmile or illegal, that contain information about cheats, hacks, bots or similar programs, or that contain private/personal information.
  • It is prohibited to publish other pages or servers that do not belong to Eastmile, “recruitment links” from other games, or inappropriate web sites, whatever its nature.
  • To distribute links that contain the previously mentioned content will be punished according to the severity of the matter. If you see such things, please report them immediately to the team.


  • In the case of needing help from the staff, you have to ask for it properly and respectfully in the general channel. You have to be patient until someone from the team can help you. It will be the team who will tell you how to proceed in each case.
  • We advise you to always listen to the staff’s indications so we can help you in the best way possible and, on the other hand, we don’t reject your petition, deny the help or take greater measures.
  • To use our Discord server is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, the staff members can bann users temporally or permanently.
  • Avoiding a ban is prohibited. If you have been banned and you want to appeal, get in contact with us through the support system. In the case you avoid the ban; you could lose the privilege and be blocked permanently from our servers.
  • Any violation of these rules could be reported to the team. Every report will be confidential.
  • In addition to these rules, the Forum and Game rules will also be applied to the Discord server.

By getting into our Discord server, every user agrees with the following rules and abides by the penalties that come with the breach of the rules. Therefore, it does not excuse you not knowing these rules to keep you from obeying them. The Eastmile staff reserves the right to interpret and modify these rules at any moment as well as applying the correspondent penalties in the case of a breach (always accordingly with the severity of it), even without previous notice. It is the users’ duty to be updated concerning possible changes made to these rules.