General Forum Rules



  • Only one Forum account per person can be registered. If you have more than one account, you may be sanctioned by Multi Account.
  • In case of sharing IP with another Forum account, you must notify it via ticket, with subject "IP-Sharing" and always from the e-mail address on the Forum account.
  • Each account must be used by only one person. Account sharing is prohibited. It isn't allowed to leave your account to others in any way, regardless of whether or not you tell them your account details, the only person who has the right to use the account is the owner of the account, any action taken with the account, whether or not the owner has done so, the only person responsible for the actions will be the owner and therefore will have to assume the corresponding consequences. The Team will not be responsible for any negligence or problem caused to the account.
  • Usernames (or nicknames) that're offensive, racist, vulgar, radical, harassing, homophobic, religious, political, right-wing extremist, pornographic, or that refer to illegal issues or activities, or that contain information about cheating, hacks, bots or similar issues, or that may offend the sensibilities of any person, of whatever nature are prohibited, the Team may change them and even block the corresponding accounts or delete them without notice.
  • It's forbidden to use the names of Eastmile's Team members. Those with such names (or names that the Team believes refer to them in any way) will be blocked immediately without notice.
  • Additions to the names of the tags Partner, TESTER, MOD, GM, GA, CM, PM, DEV, etc. aren't also allowed.
  • User names containing Asian characters or blank spaces using ASCII code are prohibited. Accounts with these characters may be blocked.
  • Nick changes and account deletions must be requested via ticket. Remember that you can only change your nick once every 30 days.


  • It's forbidden to hurt other people's sensibilities through out-of-place content or with the sole purpose of annoying other outsiders by, for example, alluding to apologies (political, fascist, racist...), explicitly sexual or vulgar content, etc. This includes messages, nicks, signatures, avatars, etc.
  • Please be friendly, respectful and polite to other users and Team members, and don't insult or disturb them. Any violent, threatening, offensive, disrespectful, recketeering, teasing, intimidating, extortion, drug-related, politically radical or vulgar behavior is strictly prohibited and may be sanctioned.
  • Insults, disrespect or inappropriate language will not be tolerated, even if they contain symbols such as **** or !$%.
  • Any nickname, either from player, pet, family or shop must be respected.
    In case with a rules incumpliment must be reported, but never disrespect. Changing the name of any of the above will not be permitted regardless of the reason.
  • It's strictly forbidden to threaten or extort other players, or Team members.
  • The Team reserves the right to evaluate any type of threat in order to study each case individually in detail where the measure may result in a permanent exclusion from all services and platforms relating to Eastmile without any possibility of claim.
  • It's forbidden to force other players to do something they don't want to do or to scold them or incite them to do it, regardless of whether it is through racketeering or not. Users who have been involved in any way in this can also be sancionated.
  • Public accusations through any community channel are strictly forbidden, whether they are true or not. If an illegal act has been committed, it must be reported through the support system with the corresponding evidence, but in no case may other players be publicly accused in any way, as doing so may lead to sanctions corresponding to each case.
  • Isn't permitted discriminate against or accuse other players in any way, regardless of whether the accusations are true or not. In case of having evidences, report for the corresponding system to the Team.
  • The persecution and the harassment is totally forbidden. If harassment of a user or group of users is repeatedly found, it can lead to severe sanctions. Users who have been involved in any way in this may also be sanctioned. Harassment will be reviewed and ruled on by the Game Team. If you see attitudes that may be considered abuse, you must report it to the appropriate media.
  • It's strictly forbidden, and will be sanctioned, to impersonate another player or a member of the Team, for any reason whatsoever, as neither does the work of a moderator.
  • Spam (messages that don't contribute anything to the thread and are completely dispensable) and Flood (posting identical messages repeatedly or with content that makes no sense at all) aren't allowed. Comments that only contain short phrases of the type "Repeated Thread" will be considered spam. Spam, whether written or with images, is only allowed in the Spam section, always under the rules of the same.
  • Flamming (messages whose content is intended to provoke or cause discomfort) is also prohibited.
  • Posts whose sole purpose is to upload the user's post counter (posthunting) aren't allowed.
  • Duplication of threads and posts (multiposting) will not be accepted, and doing so repeatedly may result in a sanction. Please use the "Search" button on the top right of the Forum to check if your question has been previously raised, you'll save time and we'll avoid duplicate threads on the same topic.
  • It's forbidden to revive topics (necromancy) older than 30 days, except in the "General Discussion" section and in the whole "Entertainment Zone" section (not in Spam), as long as there is something new to contribute to the thread and there's no other more current one.
  • Trolling is prohibited: massive posting, irritating messages with the sole intention of annoying and causing disagreement.
  • It isn't allowed to use the Forum as a chat system (forum-chatting). For this purpose you have the chat of discord.
  • No public discussions can be initiated about sanctions, complaints about other users or about the work of any Team member, whether in the Game or in the Forum. In the latter case, use the Private Message or Ticket System to contact that person or his superior, as appropriate.
  • For security reasons, no personal or private information (even if it's public), whether it's yours or someone else's, such as: passwords, account names, social networks, photographs, links, telephone number, e-mails, names, lastnames or any other circumstance that we may consider sensitive, will be allowed to be disseminated. The Team reserves the right to evaluate and study in detail each case individually and severe measures may be taken which may directly lead to a permanent exclusion from all Eastmile's services and platforms.
  • Pictures and/or conversations with other people, coming from whatever platform, can only be posted with the consent of all the parts involved (this includes the messages of the Team members).
  • It is not allowed to use the double post in the forum; This means that you cannot send another post in the same thread where the last post is yours, except for the following sections:
    • FanArt section, in the following sub-forums: Art Galleries, Tutorials & Resources and Tournaments & Duels.
      • Where each user can separate by parts both Art Galleries and Tutorials & Resources in the way that best suits them. Tournaments & Duels in the event that only one person posts, you can make as many posts as you see necessary to carry out what was done.
    • Guides section.
      • Where each user can separate the guide into parts in the way that best suits them.
    • Calvin's Literature Section.
      • Where each user can separate their thread into parts in the way that best suits them or due to the character limit.


  • The official languages in all areas of the Eastmile community are Spanish and English, you'll not be able to communicate with another language other than one of these two by any of the sections of the community. It isn't allowed to use other languages in the Forum, except for signatures, avatars and personal information as long as English is used or the translation is attached in case it's another language.
  • Be careful how you express yourself. Any language that's vulgar or of an offensive nature, whether for social reasons, sex, religion, etc., or which may offend and hurt the sensitivity of any person, even if it isn't specifically directed against other users or even if it's censored, of whatever nature, may be penalized.
  • The new threads must be opened in the corresponding section according to their subject (help yourself with the description and rules of the section. If in doubt, consult a moderator). In addition, they should've a sufficiently descriptive title to help other users locate the topic of the thread. Titles such as "important!", "how do I", "help", etc. aren't understandable and can be edited by the Forum Team.
  • Writing in uppercase is equivalent to screaming, so avoid using it.
  • The users must post in a clear and legible manner, avoiding making reading difficult in any way (e.g. intentional spelling mistakes, colours that make reading difficult, etc.).
  • No abuse of formatting (color, size, bold, italics, etc.) is allowed except to highlight short or important phrases in the text. The Forum Team reserves the right to edit posts that don't comply with this and to write in colour for their moderation work.
  • Also, abuse of punctuation symbols (e.g. "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"), emoticons (max. 15 per post) and images that're too large or force the user to scroll vertically/horizontally to see them, aren't allowed. We'll consider large images with a size of 500x500 px and a maximum weight of 225Kb (max. 20 images per post).
  • If you want to write a post that requires the use of a specific format or to make it more presentable, you must contact with the moderator of the corresponding section. (If there aren't moderators, you must contact to the upper charge of the Foum).

Note: if there more of these images as long as they're saved in a Spoiler, you will be able to post unlimited images.


  • Messages that're offensive, racist, vulgar, radical, harassing, homophobic, religious, political, right-wing extremist, pornographic, morally dangerous or that refer to issues or activities contrary to the law or any type of illegal activity, or that may hurt the sensitivity of any person, whatever their nature, are prohibited and may be sanctioned according to their seriousness.
  • The announcement of external links to Eastmile, or of illegal character, or messages containing information about traps, keys, hacks, bots, cheats or similar programs, personal or private information, including illegal download sites, aren't allowed and will be penalized according to the severity of the same. In addition, all content must be appropriate for minors.
  • It's forbidden to advertise other sites or servers that don't belong to Eastmile, whatever their nature.
  • Links to for-profit, copyrighted pages and links for the purpose of advertising pages (e.g. pages for free premium) aren't allowed in the entire area of the Forum.
  • You can post links to music platforms such as YouTube, and their variants. Threads whose purpose is to advertise/promote one of these channels will not be allowed.
    Exceptions: Help and support pages (e.g. imgur, wikipedia, etc.), information pages (newspapers or information) and websites of general use.


  • Maximum size allowed in the signatures: 500x200 px. Maximum weight: 300kb. Maximum length: 1050 characters. The use of dynamic emoticons is allowed even beyond those provided by the Forum itself, as long as they don't exceed the measurements of 65px x 65px and weight of: 120kb Note: The use of methods that allow the signature to be extended, such as using the space for the content of the posts to extend it, will not be allowed. Example: siglike drawings, disproportionate size of text, etc.
  • Maximum size allowed for Avatars: 150x150 px. Maximum weight: 185kb.
  • In signatures, the font shouldn't exceed size 12.
  • The use of dynamic images in the avatar and signature is allowed, as long as it respects the rules of the Forum and isn't harmful to the view or the weight of the signature may cause latency when loading threads. The Forum Team will decide which images meet this criterion.
  • Only one image per signature will be allowed, with the exception of those signatures accompanied by a standard-sized userbar (max. 350x50).
  • Videos will only be allowed in spoilers or by linking to them. Also any option in the profile or in the posts that slows down and delays the loading of the Forum page, as well as, is in the profile or at the time of commenting.
  • The permitted dimensions may be modified by the Forum Administration according to the performance of the Forum (in relation to the number of users and the load on the Forum).
  • Avatars or signatures created by another user aren't allowed to be used without their consent. Likewise, the plagiarism of signatures or avatars of Team members may be sanctioned.
  • Those users who don't comply with these rules will be warned and will have 48 hours to change their signature/avatar. If they don't do so, these will be edited.
  • The non-reading of a private message requesting an avatar edition or signature doesn't exempt from editing.
  • Repeated edits of signatures or avatars may result in a permanent blocking of avatars and signatures.


  • Deleting comments on the user profile wall must be requested through the support system (tickets).
  • The walls, personalized titles and "About me" section will be explained throughout these regulations.
  • The maximum number of characters for titles is 25.
  • And now for the "About me" section:
    • Only 7 images or emoticons will be allowed. Where we're going to differentiate two types of images:
      • ONE main image with maximum dimensions of 1000x700 px. Maximum weight of 500 kB.
      • And the rest of the images have to be small with a maximum size of 500x180 px. Maximum weight: 300 kB.
    • On the counterpart, in case you want to put videos, it is limited to 5.
    • The font size should be more than 12, unless you want to make titles you shouldn't exceed size 14.
  • Users who don't comply with these rules will be warned and will have 48 hours to change regarding their profile. If they don't, these will be edited.
  • The permitted dimensions may be modified by the Forum Administration according to the performance of the Forum (in relation to the number of users and the load on the Forum).
  • The non-reading of a private message requesting an avatar edition or signature doesn't exempt from editing.
  • The successive edition of the wall leads to a permanent block of the same.


  • Remember that criticism, complaints or claims to the team aren't allowed, these must be made through the Ticket System, Private Message or Discord. Remember that complaints about a Team member go to their superior, respecting the following hierarchy: Trial Moderator or Moderator / Super Moderator / Forum Administrator / Team Manager / Project Manager.
  • If you receive a sanction in the Forum, please contact the moderator who imposed it first. Don't discuss the sanction in the Forum. If you don't agree with his/her decision, contact to his/her superior (Super Moderator). Ultimately contact the Board Administrator.
  • You've the right to report offensive posts or private messages. To do this, use the "Report" button that appears on each post. Please note that abuse of this feature (reporting messages that don't breach the rules) may result in a sanction.
  • Any of the instructions, decisions and sanctions of Eastmile's Team members must be respected and complied with, don't disrespect, question or discuss the Team's decisions publicly, as this could lead to sanctions against those responsible and those who encourage them to do so, even if they don't do so directly. If you've a complaint about a wrong action, use the corresponding channels through the Ticket System to deal with it.
  • Impersonating a moderator, whether publicly or privately, will be sanctioned according to the seriousness of the case.


  • The sanction will depend on the seriousness of the infraction. The Team reserves the right to judge the severity of the infringement.
  • The accumulation of Warnings will lead to a Notice (depending on the severity of the same).
  • The accumulation of Notices will result in a temporary ban from the forum:
    • 3 notices: Ban of 7 days.
    • 6 notices: Ban of 14 days.
    • 9 notices: Ban of 21 days.
    • 12 notices: Ban of 30 days.
    • 15 notices: Permanent ban.
    Note: Registration of a second account during the suspension will result in a permanent lockout.

  • Depending on the seriousness of the acts, the person sanctioned may receive any of the above-mentioned measures. it isn't necessary in the order they've been mentioned.
  • In extreme cases, a user may be blocked without the need to accumulate warnings. In very serious cases (e.g. massive spam/flood, serious insults, etc), the ban could be permanent.


  • In addition to these General Rules of the Forum, each section has its own rules that must also be respected. Obviously, the general rules apply throughout the Forum.
  • The interpretation of these Rules is the sole responsibility of the Moderation Team, so it's only up to them to make decisions regarding possible infringements that are committed within the scope of the Forum.
  • Registration on the Forum implies acceptance of these rules, as well as compliance with the sanctions that'll be applied in the event of non-compliance with them and therefore the definition of what is incorrect or illegal is given by the criteria of the Moderation Team and not by the Members of the Forum.
  • No talk of other servers outside of Eastmile will be allowed.
  • Serious or repeated infringements in the Forum, in the game, in the Discord channel or in the support service could have consequences in other environments.
  • Please note that the Eastmile Team reserves the right to block accounts or take other measures even if they haven't breached the rules described above.
  • Using our Forum is a privilege, not a right. Therefore Team members can exclude users temporarily or permanently.
  • Ignorance of these rules doesn't exempt you from complying with them.

Every user accepts with the registration of his account in the Eastmile Forum the following rules as well as the sanctions that will be applied in case of noncompliance with them, therefore, the ignorance of these rules doesn't exempt anyone from their compliance. The Eastmile Team reserves the right to interpret and modify these rules at any time and to apply the appropriate sanctions, even without notice, in case of infringement (always depending on the seriousness of the breach). It's the users' obligation to keep up to date with any changes to these regulations.